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A 16 stored building has 12000 sq.feet on each floor.
Company A rents 7 floors and company B rents 4 floors. What
is the number of sq.feet of unrented floor space. 
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if the ground floor had numberd 0 then ans is 72000..
if the ground floor had numberd 1then ans is 60000...
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# 3
60000sq. feet 
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# 4
each one takes 12000 sq feet
.so unrented r 5.----5*12000=60000
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# 5
Irrespective of whether you follow the American or the British version of numbering of floors, a 16 story building means Ground + 15 floors = 16 floors that can be used i.e no. of floors with covered roof which does not include the terrace.

|| Therefore the answer is [(16 - 7 - 4)* 12000] = 60,000 ft ||

Pls do not confuse this with naming of floors like Ground floor, first floor, second floor et el.

In US and Uk, though a 16 story building still mean Ground + 15 floors, but while naming each floor the Americans may call the ground floor as "1st Floor" and not "Ground Floor". Naming is the only difference.

So, in US, the top most floor of a 16 story building may be called as 16th floor and in UK & Others, It would be called the 15th floor (Ground + 15). That means the number of floors to use is still 16.

Hope this is clear.

For more, check out:
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Vishal Tomar
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# 7
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# 8
72000 sq.feet 
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