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A son and father goes for boating in river upstream . After 
 rowing for 1 mile son notices the hat of his father falling
in the river.  After 5 min. he tells his father that his hat
has fallen. So they turn around  and are able to pick the
hat at the point from where they began boating  after 5 min.
Find out  the speed of river.
 Question Submitted By :: General-Aptitude
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
6 miles per hour.......
actually hat fell when they were 1 mile away from starting
and total time hat takes to travel to the starting point is
10 minutes ( 5 + 5 ).so, 1 miles per 10 minutes thats why 6
miles per hour
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Gaurav Sharma
# 2
Cap fell here

A-------------->B----------------->C Upstream-------->
-----5 min--------

A<-----<<-------B<--------<<------C <<------Downstream

---------------5 min---------------
cap reached
From B to A total time taken by cap to reach at A =5+5
=10 min (B-->C--C-->B-->A)

Total distance covered by capto reach frm B to A =1 mile (with speed of river)

so speed of river =1 mile/ 10 min
= 1/(10/60)hr
=6 mile/hr Ans
Is This Answer Correct ?    46 Yes 2 No
# 3
6 miles/hr..I Guess 
Is This Answer Correct ?    46 Yes 9 No
# 4
Is This Answer Correct ?    20 Yes 2 No
# 5
The hat fallen after travelling one mile and after that they
travelled for (5MIN.)
so that hat travelled down stream for one mile and they
collected the hat after 5mins of travel down stream. So the
total time they spent after losing hat is 10 minutes.In this
10 minutes the hat exactly traveled 1 mile(i.e with river
speed). So its very clear----> the river speed is 6miles/hour.
Is This Answer Correct ?    15 Yes 2 No
Shiva Ramnos
# 6
=> v=1/10 mile/min.
so v=(1/10)*60 = 6 mile/hr.
Is This Answer Correct ?    12 Yes 0 No
Ashique Hussain
# 7
6 miles/hr..... 
Is This Answer Correct ?    2 Yes 0 No
Ragupathi Thamodaran
# 8
The hat fallen after travelling one mile and after that they
travelled for 5mins.
so that hat travelled down stream for one mile and they
collected the hat after 5mins of travel down stream

so the speed of river is equal to the hat speed but not the
boat speed as they row the boat even in down stream and
speed will be more than the river speed.

so the speed of river is 12 miles/hr
Is This Answer Correct ?    7 Yes 52 No

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