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In 60 reems of paper 40 reems were utilised then what 
percent will remain?
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Un utilized= 60-40=20
Percentage of remainder 20/60=.3333
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Mehul Modi
# 7
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# 8
60 reems initially.. 40 reems used..
so 20reems left...
radius of reem-roll is directly proportional to number of
reems on it..

and amount of paper is proportional to the area of circle..
answer is 2^2/6^6 = 1/9
think guys think !!
amount of paper on 1st reem will be way less than that of
60th !!
radius of reem-roll increases with each reem
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Ashish Jindal
# 9
total is 60
used is 40
when 60 is fully used 100%used
then for 40
x be % for 40
60 -- 100
40 -- x
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