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what is line item
 Question Submitted By :: Sap-sd
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  Re: what is line item
# 1
When ever you are creating any sales documents then the
items appear in the line with the item numbers are known as
line items.A line item detrmines the item category of the
item which in turn controls some functionalities of the
document processing.
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[Syntel (India) Limited]
  Re: what is line item
# 2
we can say item line is a column in which the item number
increment is done,in the sales document for example, order
document and etc we can notice this item line,and we can
choose the item line increment according to our
settings,for example by 5 or 10,or what the increment we
wish,and which suits our organisation
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  Re: what is line item
# 3
line item is a row where it contains all the details of
particular item in columns in sequence manner if u want to
get the information in detailed manner if u double click on
the row u will get all the item detais of that particular
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  Re: what is line item
# 4
There are 3 levels in a sales document i.e. header level,
item level and schedule line. Line item falls in the Item
1)Line Item relates to material details or the item details
such as item number, name of material, quantity etc.
2)The item category of the item which is determined by the
system (by combination of Item Category Group from Material
Master, Sales Document Type, Usage and higher level item
category)is copied at Item Level of the sales documents.
3)Line Item contains the value and quantity also which are
not normally found at Header Level.
4)Examples of Line items are : Material, Order Quantity,
Material Group, Plant, Shipping Point, Route, Customer
Material, Sales Unit, price/discount/tax/freight per unit,
5)Examples of Header data will make Line Item more clear :
Sold-to Party, Pricing date, Document currency, Price
group, Customer Group, Incoterms, Payment terms, Purchase
Order Number etc.
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Sunil Madhogarhia
  Re: what is line item
# 5
ATP Flag # Run ATP API Price ATP Hold
Cust Item Code Item Type Item Variant
Description UOM Pricing Date Price List
Quantity Unit Price Discount %
Sale Price Def Ship To Cust Def Addr Id
Def Requested Date Def Ship Mode Def Carrier
Consume Forecast A/c No CC Analysis
Sub Analysis Ref Doc Line No. Price Rule
No. Reason No. Action Date Inv Qty Des Qty
N 1 0.0000 N
Item DTDX2280RJ258PA
HPDX2280/PIV2.8 DC/512/80G/XPP/3/3/3
NOS 04/03/2007 4.0000
28,842.1500 0.0000 28,842.1500 CIFFCO-
001 1 05/03/2007
Yes I-TI-PS-018
4.0000 4.0000
N 2 0.0000 N
Modem - Internal 56 KVPS NOS
04/03/2007 4.0000 1.0000
0.0000 1.0000 CIFFCO-001 1
05/03/2007 Yes I-
3 U- 4.0000
N 3 0.0000 N
"S5502 15"" Black Color Monitor"
NOS 04/03/2007 4.0000
1.0000 0.0000 1.0000 CIFFCO-001
1 05/03/2007 Yes
4 U-
4.0000 4.0000
N 4 0.0000 N
Item DVDROM-01
HP DVD ROM Drive NOS 04/03/2007
4.0000 1.0000 0.0000 1.0000
CIFFCO-001 1 05/03/2007
Yes I-TI-PS-
6 U- 4.0000
N 5 0.0000 N
PS2 Mechincal Bilingual Keyboard (hindi)
NOS 04/03/2007 4.0000
1.0000 0.0000 1.0000 CIFFCO-001
1 05/03/2007 Yes
7 U-
4.0000 4.0000
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  Re: what is line item
# 6
Line item that provide a detail information about whole
document. like amount,dues,not dues,over dues,open
item,close item.
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  Re: what is line item
# 7
Line Item Display

You can display the line items for one or more accounts.

Line items are document items that were posted to a specific account. In contrast to a document item, a line item only contains the information from the document that is relevant from the account view.

You can display the following line items:

Open items
Cleared items
Noted items
Parked items
Items with special G/L transactions (in Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable)
Items with customer or vendor items (in Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable)
You can display the line items for the following account types:

Customer accounts
Vendor accounts
G/L accounts

In order to display the line items for an account, the account must be managed with line item display. This means that you have set the indicator Line item display in the master data of the account.

This setting is mandatory for customer and vendor accounts.
For G/L accounts, you have to make this setting in the account master data.
For more information about the Line item display indicator, see Defining "Line Item Display"


If you have posted a business transaction and want to display the line items, you have the following options:

Display the document and then the line items. For more information, see Displaying Documents.
Display the account and then the line items.
You can use the following functions to display line items:

Line Item Display with the SAP List Viewer (ALV)
This is the standard function. The line items are displayed in a list where you can use the functions of the SAP List Viewer (ALV) for creating the layout, for example, sorting, creating totals, and so on.

Classic Line Item Display
You can only use the classic line item display as a modification solution.
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