what is debugging and whitebox testing and what is the diff?

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Answer / lakshmana rekha basu

Debugging and whitebox testing goes hand in hand and
typically done by the developers.
Debugging is done to verify that the program runs smoothly
and running program shouldn't cause any unwanted response
by the machine.
whitebox testing is nothing but running the program and
verify the actual behavior/result of the functionality with
expected result as predetermined.

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Answer / rsntallapudi123

Debugging is the process of executing the applcation to
locatate for bugs or faults in the application.
bug or fault is a condition which causes the application to
fail. Bug is different from defect or error.
White box testing is the process of executing the system
with intent of checking the internal behaviour of the
application. It includes statement coverage, Condition
coverage, branch coverage etc.

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Answer / preeti

Debugging: The process of analysing and correcting
syntactic, logic and other errors identified during testing.

White box testing:. This technique is usually used during
tests executed by the development team, such as Unit or
Component testing.

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Answer / abc

if we know the answer then why we visit to you

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Answer / radhika

Debugging is the process done by development team.They fix
the defects which were reported by Testing team.

White box testing:Code level testing is called as white box

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Answer / sun


Debugging process: To find a solution to a defect cause.

White Box Testing : To find a defect by executing a program
or companent at the souce code.

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Answer / chaitra jagirdar

Debugging can be done by developer/ Automation tester for code /scripts respectively.
Debugging is done line by line basis after setting a checkpoint in code/script.
Debugging is done to find incase of error,failure occured during running of code/script & you want to locate the cause of the issue.

Whitebox testing is testing done inacorradance with internal logic of module.Basically test coverage for every flow in the logic is covered.

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Answer / xyz

i want exact answer though i know the difference

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Answer / divya nandana .b

debugging means testing the application line by line that
is done by developers
testing the application having knowledge on the internal
logical structure of the applcation is known as white box
testing .

both are same

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Answer / rajeshwari

debugging is conducted by a programmer and the programer
fix the errors during debugging phase
tester never fixed the errors but rather find them and
return to programmer

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