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Can you store multiple data types in System.Array?
 Question Submitted By :: C-Sharp
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
If you take an array of object, you can store multiple data
type in an array.
object[] obj = new object[4];
Is This Answer Correct ?    31 Yes 2 No
Neeraj Kumar Shrivastwa
# 2
Is This Answer Correct ?    40 Yes 19 No
# 3
No,we cannot store multiple datatype in Array.we can store
similar datatype in Array.
Is This Answer Correct ?    30 Yes 10 No
# 4
Yes you can, if you have an object array. since
System.Object is the base class of all other types, an item
in an array of Objects can have a reference to any other
type of object.
Is This Answer Correct ?    19 Yes 1 No
# 5
What payal has mentioned is absolutely right. Array doesnt
store different datatypes. but ArrayList can store
different types of datatype in a single object.
Is This Answer Correct ?    11 Yes 1 No
Vishal Shah
# 6
S, Use Generic lists. 
Is This Answer Correct ?    5 Yes 2 No
# 7
No,we cannot store multiple datatype in Array.we can store
similar datatype in Array,but i think that we can store in
ArrayList class in c#.
Is This Answer Correct ?    8 Yes 6 No
Payal Mehta
# 8
no..we cant ..only similar data types in an array.
but we can store in ArrayList
Is This Answer Correct ?    5 Yes 3 No
# 9
yes, if array type is specified as object 
Is This Answer Correct ?    2 Yes 0 No
# 10
Ok, so here is the catch:

An array of objects can store different datatype members -
object[] ar = new object[3];
ar[0] = "test";
ar[1] = 56;

An arraylist can also be used for this purpose -
ArrayList arr = new ArrayList();

And a generic list too can be used for this purpose -
List<object> llst1 = new List<object>();
Is This Answer Correct ?    2 Yes 1 No

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