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Go Live and Cutover plan?
 Question Submitted By :: FI-CO
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
The transfer of data from the quality assurance system, as
well as legacy data in a customer's previous system, to the
production system.

The cutover activities are specified in the ASAP Cutover
Plan and include setting up and initializing the production
system, closing legacy systems, and entering data manually
in the new system.

You need to copy and paste all the previous data into your
new system. However you have to be careful while merge the
information. Make sure about the posting dates and other
relevant information especially when you deal with asset
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# 2
Project Before go Live
We have to do the cut over activites like Vender
master,Customer, masterial master,tax code Migrated from
legacy system to Sap system
Is This Answer Correct ?    25 Yes 5 No
# 3
Cutover Activities are Master/Transaction Data uploading
strategies depending upon the when we are going live. As
per that, you have to give the information to your core
team. If you going live at the middle you have to upload
the all P&L Account items and B/S Items. If you going live
at the financial year start, you have to only upload the
B/S Items.

a. Master Data uploads into production system
1. G/L Master Upload thru BDC or LSMW (FS00 & FS01)
2. Vendor Master Upload thru BDC or LSMW (Will be Taken
Care by MM)
3. Customer Master Upload thru BDC or LSMW (Will be Taken
Care by SD)
4. Asset Master Upload (AS90)
5. Cost Element Master Upload
6. Cost Center Master Upload
7. Profit Center Master Upload

b. Transaction data upload
1. G/L Balances (F-02)
2. Vendor Balances (F-43)
3. Customer Balances (F-22)
4. Customer Advances (F-29)
5. Vendor Advances (F-48) - Before uploading Vendor
Balances you have to take care of TDS Information.
6. Asset value uploads (AS91).

c. Controlling area related upload
1. Upload Cost center plan
2. Execute the allocation cycles within cost center
3. Update planned activity
4. Calculate Activity prices
5. Execute product costing run.

d. Other Pre-Go live activities
1. Ensure all the customizing request is in the production
2. Ensure all the number ranges for all the modules have
been maintained in the production system
3. Ensure that Operating concern has been generated
4. Ensure all material masters (all material types) have
been loaded
5. Upload Open purchase orders
6. Stock upload
7. Mark and Release the cost estimates.

Normally, in asset accounting the day to day transactions
is posted with values through FI bookings and at the same
time the asset reconciliation is updated online realtime.
Whereas In data Migration the asset master is updated with
values through a transaction code called as AS91. The
values updated on the master are Opening Gross value and
the accumulated depreciation. The reconciliation GL account
is not automatically updated at this point of time.
The reconciliation accounts (GL codes) are updated manually
through another transaction code called as OASV.
If profit center is active, then after uploading assets
through AS91 you should transfer the asset balances to
profit center accounting through a program.
Thereafter you remove the Asset GL code (reconciliation
accounts) from the 3KEH table for PCA and update the Asset
reconciliation account (GL code) through OASV.
After this step you again update the Asset reconciliation
account in the 3KEH table.
The reason you remove the Asset reconciliation code from
3KEH table is that double posting will happen to PCA when
you update the Asset reconciliation manually.
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# 4
Cut over data means, the data from Legacy system will be
transfer (Cut) into SAP. They will make a format for the
transfer of Data to SAP through Legacy.
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# 5
whatever changes/development made in development server
that has to transfer to quality server for testing.before
shifting it to producton server all the final touches we
give to the implimentation datas ( master record,
configurations,different testings )is basicaly called
cutover plan.Go-live comes after cut over .
Is This Answer Correct ?    7 Yes 2 No
# 6
it is refernce documents that discribe the systems,procedures,activities setting up and intilizing the production envirinment 
Is This Answer Correct ?    1 Yes 1 No
# 7
Go Live is Project is ready or already on live

Cutover Plan is part of BDC. How the data can be migrated
from legacy system to SAP. and their activities so on.
Is This Answer Correct ?    11 Yes 31 No

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