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I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
1.To verify ATM card Insertion
2.To verify ATM card Insertion in wrong angle
3.To verify invalid ATM card Insertion
4.To verify Language selection
5.To verify Pin entry
6.To verify invalid Pin entry
7.To verify invalid Pin entry 3 times
8.To verify Account Type selection
9.To verify Invalid Account Type selection with respective
to inserted card
10.verify withdrawal option selection
11.verify Amount entry
12.verify Amount entry with wrong denominations(fr eg:999Rs)
13.verify withdrawal success operation
14.Verify operation when our entered amount is grater than
possible balance
15.Verify operation when our entered amount is grater than
day limit
16.Verify when our ATM have lack of Amount
17.Verify when our ATM have network problem
18.Verify Current transaction No.exceeded than day limit
19.Verify operation with exceeded delay in between
operations in ATM
20.Verify Cancel after insert card
21.Verify Cancel after Language selection
22.Verify Cancel after Pin entry
23.Verify Cancel after Amount type selection
24.Verify Cancel after withdrawal operation
25.Verify Cancel after Amount entry
26.Verify correction of Amount during entry
27.Verify after successful transaction If customer doesn't
take the money
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Padma Ganta
# 2
ATM machine...

insert the active/existing card.
it should be recognized.
insert the card in a wrong should give error msg.
insert the expired card....should give msg it is expired.
insert the card with wrong username and p.w
insert the card with correct username and wroing
both cases should display error msg.
login with correct un and pw and chk for the transfer of
money...if it is transferred fine.
transfer the money to a non existing shld
not be transfered.
transfer the money to an account to the same account
no...shld display error msg...

and many more test cases for atm.

for coffee machine...

chk all the buttons are working...i.e if it is working led
shld be glowing...
pressing button of hot water shld give hot water and not
cold water.
when pressed for coffee button shld give coffee not tea..etc
shld give a beeping sound when there is insufficient
water,or the materials needed for the machine to work like
coffee seeds, sugar(if there is option)...etc
in this way we can write test cases.
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# 3
1-verify whether the atm machine is not out of order
2-insert the card into atm machine
3-if the card is not inserted properly then it show a error
4-after tht it verify for language option
5-then it asked for pin number
6-if the pin is wrong it shows error
7-if pin is enter wrong for 3 consequtive time then it
block ur card
8-after verifing the pin it asked for account option
9-then it verify the account,if the account is not correct
it show error msg
10-after verifing the account it asked for diffrent option
relatedted to transection
11-if u enter widhrawal option it take u to next level
12-then it verify the amount entry it should be in proper
denomination(for eg-1oo,200,300 etc & not in 120,130 etc)
if u enter invalid amount it show error
13-then it verify the max day limit of ur acct.if it cross
then it show error
14-if the atm does'nt have sufficient amt it show a msg on
the screen
15-after entering the amt it show msg tht ur transection is
16-after transection the money should take by the customer
with in 30 sec or else it should go back to the the atm
17-after taking the money it show msg tht transection is
completed thank u .
18-it should asked u tht u want to proceed or not if not it
remove out ur card.
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Kunal Chakraborty
# 4
1) Insert Invalid card, It should show correct user
directional message

2) Insert Expired card,It should show correct user
directional message
3)Insert correct card, It should ask for pin number. Enter
4 digit PIN number.
4)Enter Wrong Pin number or less then 4 digits, it should
show proper user directional message.
5)Insert correct card then enter correct pwd, it should
allow to choose account type, select worng account type in
this case it should show proper message and ask the user to
re-enter the 4 digit pin number.
6)Insert correct cart,pin and select act type, then it
should ask the user for withdrawal,balence......
7)Enter amount greater then allowed for the day. It should
show correct user directional message like maximum with
drawal for the day is 20,000.00 rupees..
8)Enter the amount greater then bal.. it should show proper
message in case over draft.....
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# 5
01.verify whether the atm is functioning or not by its
display message.
02.Verify by inserting atmcard in proper position is it
accepting or not.
03.Verify whether the card is valid or not with system
04.Verify if the card is not properly inserted then it has
to show disply message as " insert card properly"
05.Verify if the card is properly inserted then it should
ask for enter pin number
06.Verify if pin number is wrong, it should disply "pin
incorrect, enter valid pin"
07.verify that if pin number entered three times wrong then
the card must be blocked
08.verify that if enteed pin number is right, then it
should allow for atm operations
09.verify that if each and every action performing ts role
as per the specificaions or not.
10.verify that when the transaction is completed the sesion
must be closed.
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# 6
hi all

test scenario is different form test cases

test scenarion is the set of test cases which are for a
particualr action wheather it is valid of invalid to that

test cases is a particulat behaviour of the system
acoording to the input given

so test scenario for the atm machine will be

login scenario :
test cases for this login scanario will be
insert card ,enter paswwrod and all the different combition
means valid of invalid

simillary u write test cases for following scenarios
withdrawal scenario:
checking balance

and coffe machine
getting coffede mug
getting coffe packet
starting coffe machine
doing coffee
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# 7
scenario for atm machine
insert a card
welcome screen displayed
enter valid pin
home page displayed
select the required feature
click ok
a pop up screen with further transaction or not should display
if we say no
it should exit
and card should come out
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Ravi Kumar .k
# 8
Step:1 Insert the ATMcard
Step:2 Select any one language
step :3 enter the valid pin no.
step:4 select the cash with drawal
Step:5 select savings account
step :6 enter the amount to be transacted
step :7 choose another transaction do u want yes or no
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# 9
Max of you guys written the scenario as test cases ,
scenario should be in summary .

Example :

1) verify the atm screen display(default value and ads)

2) verify the atm card insertion

3) verify login credential

4) verify the change pin

5) verify the balance enquire

6) verify the withdrawal

7) verify the mini statement request

8) verify the cancel request

9) verify the exit request

10) verify the amount is not taken from the machine within
the defined time
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# 10
Test Scenario for ATM Machine.
In General there will two test scenario. They are
A. Best case test scenario - All the positive test cases
B. Worst case test scenario - All the negative test cases

A. Best case test scenario for ATM Machine
(i). Insert and get back [since it's mandatory that u should bet back your ATM card as soon as u inserted]the ATM Card in right direction
(ii). Enter the correct security password
(ii). Select the transaction type
(iii).Proceed the selected transaction
(iv).Make sure that you made a successful transaction
(v). If u selected the printing advice Yes then get the print.
(vi). Now ur transactions is finished and make sure that the ATM system is ready for the next transactions. [This is just for the security purpose of our transactions is finished completely and the machine is not in current customers information].

B. Worst case Test Scenario
(1). Insert the card in wrong direction - Respective validation message should come. Make sure that validations is pop-upping and then insert ATM card in right direction.

(2). After (1) is successful then it'll ask the security password in that enter wrong password. It should validation and it should not allow you to proceed further. Make sure that the validations is working and now enter the correct password.

Like that if there is any negative conditions then write out those cases also.
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