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what r the different types of testing environments?
 Question Submitted By :: Manual-Testing
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# 1
4 types of environment

1. stand alone environment or 1-tier architecture
2. client server environment or 2-tier architecture
3. web environment or 3-tier architecture
4. distributed environment or n-tier architecture
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# 2
There Four Types of Environments in software field

1.Stand alone Environment OR 1-Tier Architecture
2.Client-Server Environment OR 2-Tier Architecture
3.Web Environment OR 3-Tier Architecture
4.Distributed Environment OR N-Tier Architecture

Tier means Section
In Architecture so many sections will be there
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# 3
Test Environment

there are five types.

1.Developer Environment
2.SIT (System Integration Testing
3.UAT (User Acceptance Testing)
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# 4
1. Unit test Environment(development side)
2. Integration test Environment(develoment side)
3. System test Environment(testing side)
4. Performance test Environment(testing side)
5. User Acceptance test Environment(testing side/client
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# 5
Testing Environments

There are Five Types :

1. Developer Environment - Testing by Developer

2. SIT - Testing by Tester

3. UAT - Testing by Client User

4. Staging - Overall Testing by Application User

5. Production
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# 6
we have four types of environment they are dev,qa,uat and

Plz correct me if iam wrong
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# 7
All these are the testing phases like environment in testing
1)Preparing Test methodology/strategy
2)Preparing Test plan
3)Preparing Test Scenarios
4)Preparing Test Cases
5)Preparing Test log/Defects Reports
6)Preparing Test Responsibility Matrix

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# 8
Environment is a combination of three types of layers like:

1) Presentation Layer.
2) Business Layer.
3) Database Layer.

Types of Environment: There are four types of environments based upon the tier of architecture.

1) Standalone Environment based upon Single Tier Architecture.

2) Client – Server Environment based upon Two Tier Architecture.

3) Web Environment based upon Three Tier Architecture.

4) Distributed Environment based upon N–Tier Architecture.

1) Standalone Environment based upon Single – Tier Architecture: This environment consists of all the three layers i.e. Presentation layer, Business layer and Database layer in a Single tier.

2) Client – Server Environment based upon Two – Tier Architecture: This environment consists of two tiers like; First Tier is for client and the second Tier is for the Database server. Presentation layer and Business layer will be present in each & every client, while the database will be present in the database server.

3) Web Environment based upon Three – Tier Architecture: This environment consists of three tiers wherein the client is located in one tier, application server is located in middle tier and database server is located in the last tier. Every client contains the presentation layer, application server contains the business layer and database server contains the database layer.

4) Distributed Environment: This environment is similar to the Web Environment however the business logic is distributed across the application server in order to distribute the load.
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# 9
1>Establishing a Testing Policy
2>Building a software testing strategy
3>Establishing a software testing method incorporating
testing strategy & testing tactics
4>Include test plans, test criteria, testing techniques and
testing tools used in the V&V of SDLC as part of the
Testing tactics

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# 10
Automation environment.
Manual Testing environment.
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