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what are SetToProperty, SetROProperty,GetToproperty 
 Question Submitted By :: QTP
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# 1
SetTOProperty – Basically is used to modify the properties
of current Test Object during run session without
permanently modifying the Properties. In short the changed
Properties would be applicable for the present run Session

Object.SetTOProperty Property, Value

GetTOProperty – A GetTOProperty method is used to retrieve
the value of a Test Object Property. Basically during a Run
Session, incase we need to find out the Property value for
any TestObject we use this method. It does not consider the
properties of the Object as displayed in the Application at

VariableName = Browser(“”).Page(“”).WebEdit
(“”).GetTOProperty (“Name”)

A GetROProperty method is used to retrieve the Runtime
properties of an Object as displayed in an application. We
can retrieve the Current value of a Property for
TestObject. It is used to retrieve only Runtime properties.

A Set Property can be used to set a value to any variable
or set the Property value of any Object.
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# 2
There is a Object Repository in QTP for every test we
created, Every Object Repository has Test Objects for QTP
to recognize Objects we recorded in test.

every test object has properties
like "width","title","text"....... and Objects also have
Run time Properties when test is running.

The Get/SetToProperty means we can Get/set the Test
Objects' Property in Object Repository.

The SetRoProperty means we can set Object's Runtime Property
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