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Five main difference between Tally & ERP?
 Question Submitted By :: Oracle Apps Financial
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# 1
The differences would be

Tally is a tool to record your accounting details, not an
ERP package.
Tally is not integrated with any other applications.
Tally is not modularised like GL, purchasing , ap, ar,
order management etc as any erp application.
Tally has limited reporting capabilities.
Tally is not a web based application.


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# 2
Comparing Tally with an ERP is the first mistake.

Tally is like a software you buy from a super market or
grocery shop. Read the instructions and use. Nothing can be
done by a user. They way tally gives the way we should go.

ERP is a sofware which would suit all the management and
financial reports custamized to the companys needs. A full
completed software in all aspects.

As said:-
differance between a Readymade Dress and Tailor made dress. 

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# 3
a. Tally is a Standalone Application
b. Tally is not a robotics and integrated application
c. Tally is not Modular Application
d. It is not a Real Time Application
e. Tally is not a Multi Org Architecture Application 

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avinash s m
# 4
Tally and Erp are both different species and cannot be

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raghu kalavendi
# 5
ERP is a complete module, Tally is an accounting tool only.
ERP has different module to complete a job, Tally doesn't
have these such of facility. 

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# 6
This question is just like some one is asking the
difference between cycle and motor cycle 

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priya pusp
# 7
1. ERP can be access through web browser. It can be
installed in a central server and accessed from all your
far-off locations. So it need not be installed in each of
the location separately.

2. You don't need to synchronize data from different
locations on a daily basis. Up-dates are online in our

3. You can schedule automation back-up everyday. You don't
need any separate human intervention.

4. It is ERP Operations software which has accounting
entries of data.

5. It has a robust RDBMS (from Microsoft) and can hold huge
of data.

6. ERP software can be used, not only by accountings, but
mainly by opertaions people:
-Like sales ill use for sales orders, dispatch, invoicing,
pricing, etc.
-Purchase will use for PO, supplier 7 pricing analysis.
-Stores will use for receiving & issuing goods.
-Production will use for making work order, BOM, daily
production, etc.
-Accounts will use for receipts, payments, JV's, etc.
-Management will use for daily & Periodical MIS reports &

7. All accounting entries will automatically flow these

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rahul b.
# 8
Well i would differ here:

-Tally is real time
-Tally can be deployed across multiple location in a
centralized or distributed architecture
-Tally can be seamlessly integrated to any application
-There are hundreds of add-on-module including
the "Enterprise suite" which makes it modular.
-Apart form hundreds of default reports in Tally, There are
various reporting tool available like "Sheet
Magic", "Matrix Magic".

Check out for details 

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# 9
with custom TDL (Tally Definition Language which is not
difficult to understand and apply) you can have custom
reports. It can be deployed over the WAN using XML interface
and this makes it "Real Time".

In other words I would agree with Jyoti 

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# 10

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trupti p tawde

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