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In interview we are asked "WHAT IS YOUR POSITIVE AND 
 Question Submitted By :: Electronics-Communications
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1

If suppose any body face the above question then you must
answer with out any hesitation. That answer is ,''

I have very strong analytical skills.
I will try to solve the problem's source not
the problem.
I will never hesitated to accept my failures.
Through that i will never fails to learn .
I am very good listener, if someone is speaking
with me about something.

My Negative points are ,

Still i have to search. Pls. you can tell me if
any negative points noted during this session.
Is This Answer Correct ?    366 Yes 131 No
# 2
My Positive Points:-

Strong analytical skill
Problem solving skill
Hard Worker

My negative Points:-

Sometimes I become straight forward.
Is This Answer Correct ?    165 Yes 52 No
# 3
NEGATIVE POINT-I always look forward for a quality work
becoz of which sometimes it takes more time to complete d
work...but to overcome this, i hv started working upon i believe tht thr is always scope for
I hv started keeping track or record of each and evry tasks
which are 2 b completed by me..nd searching for
alternatives which will help me out to complete d work well
in time without loosing its Quality...........
Is This Answer Correct ?    92 Yes 27 No
Nikita C.
# 4
My possitive point is:-i am very smart worker

i have good communication skills
my possitive attitude
my possitive point is i always think possitive
i have good management skills

negative- sometime during work i can not care about my self.
i get early angry
iam impatient about my result.
Is This Answer Correct ?    32 Yes 9 No
Sandeep Khatak
# 5
+ve point
\every work i use to take with confidence and give best result to it .
\i always be patience in handling the work
\i share my ideas with others
\i used improve the things wnenever i make mistakes
-ve point
\ihave one weakness , that is am a sensitive person , i take things to heart and get too disappointed when things are done wrong way .......and to overcome this weakness i always say to myself , "dontt worry , do better next time and dont repeat mistakes" and with that i always try to do best next time...
Is This Answer Correct ?    14 Yes 5 No
# 6
positive: My ability to overcome others negative thoughts on
me and taking up any challenges that were thrown on me and
finishing those challenges is my positive points.

negative: My negative is getting under pressure when unable
to complete a job and needs constant encouragement when
trying to finish tough jobs.
Is This Answer Correct ?    13 Yes 7 No
# 7
Positive Points:
I have a good leadership quality and a good hard worker and demand everyone to do the same.

Negative Points:
What i said in positive points are my negative points, expecting everyone to put their effort may be the reason and also my friends are my weakness, When my friends call me at the weekend, i use to go whatever the time is,
Is This Answer Correct ?    5 Yes 3 No
Arun Muthu Kumar P
# 8
My Positive points:
I'm Honest, trustworty and Dependable
I am a Giver (I love to give, whether it be money or time)
I love to serve wherever I can
I am a worshipper (I love to worship)

My Negative points:
I am very, very shy
I've been known to be self centered at times
Is This Answer Correct ?    4 Yes 3 No
Krista Brewer
# 9
My negative points are
1.If someone asked this kind of questions i do only think about if i tells my negative,they wont accepting me, so would think i have to to tell only lie.
2.If someone gives me advise if it getting bored i will change that the situation where you that time they thought i am not the responsible or suitable.
3.I have some stuck in communication
1.suppose i seen any opportunity i would make it as to develop my knowledge
2.I will ask question to everyone if they having any mistake
Is This Answer Correct ?    3 Yes 2 No
# 10
POsitive points:- Team Player,Good communcator.
Very Practical,co-operative
Works in Cordination

Negative points:- Transparent to the seniors and Juniors
Straight Forward
Never tolerate Un-ehtical Work
Is This Answer Correct ?    7 Yes 7 No

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