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what is the difference between onshore and offshore company
 Question Submitted By :: Manual-Testing
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
onshore means the exploration of oil or gas on the land.and
offshore means the exploration of oil or gas in the sea.
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# 2
1)Offshore means drilling rigs & platforms process for
crude oils in Deep Sea.

2)Onshore means work of oil & gas industries.(outside sea
or on land).
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# 3
Onshore drilling is land drilling: wells typically take
days to drill -- maybe 30 days, maybe 45 days, depending on
desired depth, and rigs are contracted in days, as opposed
to months and years for offshore drilling.

Offshore drilling can be deepwater (technically defined as
water deeper than 650 feet, or 200 meters) or shallow water
(water as shallow as 20 feet or as deep as 200 feet).
Drilling offshore in deepwater takes the most
technologically advanced rigs and experienced workers.
Dayrates for offshore rigs start in the midteens and can
run over $200,000 per day, depending on the rig and the
location of the drilling project.
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Aditya Ajgaonkar
# 4
OnSite Means , Person siting at Client Side for AMC ,
Offshore Means Person Sitting In Company

Like Company is locating in Chennai and Client in delhi

Delhi Location is On site
Chennai Office Is Offshore
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Keshab Kumar Singh
# 5
Above a few examples consideration of fuel and gas but in it

onshore(onsite) means client location
developer working on client location
ex: Mumbai

offshore: means in our company location
customer for client.


hyderabad is customer for mumbai
Is This Answer Correct ?    24 Yes 6 No
# 6
Guys i think this questions was asked in regards to IT
Sector ,But last two answers explained the terminlogy
considering Oil & Gas Sector.If it is regads to IT Sector
than Ans 1 is correct.
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# 7
onshore means the exploration of oil or gas on the land.

offshore means the exploration of oil or gas in the sea.
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# 8
On-shore and Off-Shore are the terms generally used for the
Oil &Gas sector, Pipeline projects etc.

Whereas Onsite & Offsite are the terms used in the context
of projects related to IT.

So the answers above are relevant if seen in accordance
with the sectors.
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Subhradeep Kalita
# 9
Offshore refers to a foreign locale that is far away in
distance and, more importantly, far apart in time from your
primary location.
Nearshore also refers to a foreign locale but one thatís
much closer to you.
Onshore is a locale in the same country as yours.
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# 10
On the IT side, there are Offshore, Onshore and Onsite.

- Wipro's Indian offices can be termed as Offshore sites
- Wipro's USA offices can be termed as Onshore
- If Wipro's customer is in USA, then if Wipro's engineers
work in customer office, then its Onsite
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