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Explain the working principle of Synchronous Generator and 
Assynchronous generator?
 Question Submitted By :: Electrical-Engineering
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# 1
it is a machine that converts mechanical energy into
electrical energy. its rotor is moved by turbine whose
speed is given by ns=120f/p{synchronous}. its rotor winding
is charged by dc. a negative torque is produced when rotor
rotates with rotor winding and induces emf in the stator.
an asynchronous rotates like a induction generator.
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# 2
syn. generator is not self starting in it the rotor runs at
syn speed=120*f/p damper winding or pony motors are used to
while asyn. gen is nothing but ur induction motor at
supersynchronous speed(above syn speed) it is self starting
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# 3
Synchronous generators are synchronous machines use to convert mechanical power to electrical power. in synchronous generator a DC current is applied to the rotor winding, which produces a rotor magnetic field. The rotor of the generator is then turned by a prime mover, producing a rotating magnetic field within the machine. this rotating magnetic field induces a three phase set of voltages within the stator windings of the generator. 
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Engr Arslan Ghaffar
# 4
Asnchronous Generator is nothing but a Induction motor
operating in a negative slip region .ie Whenever the
induction motor rotates greater than its synchronous speed
(by coupling external source)then the power will return
towards (negative torque)the network which its is
connected.WIND MILLS are worked on this prinsiple.It is
clear that in the wind mill there is a induction motor.It
has great advadage that we need not to sychronise the wind
mill when it is connected to the system.
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# 5
Synchronous generator is a device that converts/induces
kinetic energy to electrical energy, generally using
electromagnetic induction. An asynchronous Generator is a
maker in which the parts are largely autonomous.
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# 6
Answer#2 Is up to the point 
Is This Answer Correct ?    29 Yes 22 No
Gaurav Naik
# 7
Synchronous generator is nothing but a ordinary
Alternator ,which has a indivudul voltage buiding
cabablities , where the Asynchronous generator is a
induction motor,It will act as a generator when it is over
ride above the synchronus speed .Most of the Wind mill
generators use these priniciple.(operating the induction
motor in negetive slip region is the asynchronous generator)
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# 8
The word synchronous suggests that the rotor shaft runs at
synchronous speed,Ns=120f/p.when dc supply is provided to
the rotor shaft,it starts rotating in synchronism thus
developing 3phase alternating voltage on stator winding
which s then taken out...
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Prasanth Kumar
# 9
a synchronous generator is inter reaction of the stationary
stator magnetic field while the rotating rotor flux which is
produced by field winding(since most cases field winding is
at the rotor).
While induction generator is based up on the principle of
induction where the slip is negative and there is only prime
mover which rotate rotor and by induction emf is generated.
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# 10
synchronous motor runs at the speed Ns=120*f/p
it is not self starting because in the rotor the pulsating genrate due to this the motor doesn't run
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