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 Call Centre AllOther interview questions  Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions (1999)
how did spent your yesterday?
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# 1
Yesterday i woke up 8 o'clock in the morning, when i got a
call from my mom. After the call i got fresh and walk up to
a near by bakery shop to get bread,butter and maggi for my
After breakfast,i got ready for an scheduled
interview with Unisys Company. It was evening 6 i came back
to my room with little bit of dull face, as i could not
make out in the final round of interview.
However,In late evening me and my roommate
hungout at City center shopping mall, just for fun. and had
dinner in 'Al-Karim hotel'.
After that, i went through the another interview
call on my email, and prepared myself for the interview.
and it was around 11:30 i went to bed.
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# 2
Yesterday I got up early in the morning.
First of all I went to washroom to get fresh and having
after having had bath,I got ready to move outside to enjoy
with my friends.
There we enjoyed most in "pacific mall" because we all were
with good mood to enjoy.
But there i had reached to the pacific mall befor my
friends reached there.
I think that I might more exited because we all were going
to watch my favourate star's movie.
My favourate star is "Nana patekar" .
I always be very keen to watch my favourate star's movie.
Yesterday I have been waiting for my friends for two hours
over there.
Mostly I have to wait for my friends because None of them
is Punctual of time. be continued...
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Rahul Kumar Pal
# 3
Yesterday was good like my daily routine. As per daily
schedule i woke up early morning in 5:30. After i took brush
my teeth and having a wash then after i make atta for
chapatis, and ready for my job and having my breakfast. its
7:30 i went for a job. As per daily time. I reached in home
at 6:00 pm in evening and after some time later i did read
newspaper. At 9:00pm having my dinner. After i opened my
laptop and surfing internet Around 11.00 pm then i slept.
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Vivek Rana
# 4
Yesterday I walk up early in the morning at 7 o clock after that I got fresh and went to the milk shop and bought a 1litre milk when I came back I took a breakfast and saw a television for entertainment after sometimes I took a lunch and went to a sleep when I walk up in an evening I ready to go for a gym and after gyming when I came back to home I took a dinner and went to a sleep. 
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Ankit Rawat
# 5
all above ans r bullshit and gramatically wrong .correct one is...

my yesterday was realy great... i woke up early at 6am, then i got fresh n after that i had my morning tea. at 9 i had my breakfast and then i did call to my friend and we planned to watch a movie. at 2 pm we reached at movie place then i enjoyed movie wid my fiends... after enjoyed lot, i went to my home at 7pm... then i saw tv wid my family. then at 9 i took my dinner.. and at 10 i slept wid nice memories...
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Rahul And Rajan
# 6
I would like to discuss about my yesterday with you. As
usual I woke up early (6 am) in the morning due to my extra
day shift in another location in Amazon company after that I
took shaver & cleaned my teeth within half an hour after
this I ironed my clothes for the Job, around 7.30am I left
from my home for the metro. I took 15mintz to reached at
metro than after taking metro I reached after 2 hrs at my
office. I had very tired at that time so that I took coffee
with cookies for feeling relax to my self. after that I
started my work over there as I take round of entire office
daily basis for checking that everything are fine or not.I
found two problems while taking round and informed the same
to my manager for repairing. now It has 1 O' Clock when i
took lunch with my manager we enjoyed a lot while taking
lunch, around 3pm my meeting was about to start with my
colleagues we enjoyed in meeting as well, as we learnt many
of things in that meeting now it was getting late to me so I
had logout from my office around 6pm due to a lot traffic
issue as I am leaving so far from my office so I have to log
out soon. I always reach my home around 8pm, after reaching
my home I always feel very tired to myself so i earl take my
dinner around 9pm & went for sleep after saying good night
to my parents.
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Balbeer Kaur
# 7
yesterday i woke up early in the morning, went to the park played a cricket match with my friends. i came back near about eight am and had a tea with my family. after that i took my bath, took a break fast, read the news paper and went to the school. 
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# 8
Igot up early in the morning at7:00 o clock. After that I did my physical work then I took bath after tooking bath I worshipped the got then I took my breakfast and after all that I went my office and I reached my office at 9:30. Then I checked E-mail then I took my lunch at 1:30 In the evening I left my office at5:30.And came back to my home 
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Pradeep Srivastava
# 9
yesterday i walk up early in the morning at 6 o clock after that i got fresh then i went to walk when i came back than i took a cup of tea got fresh and took bath after sometimes i went to play cricket along with my friend mean while we got tired then we decided to come back at home and finally we came back at home then i took my lunch in evening i went to market to shopping and come back i spent some time with my family and took my dinner then i went to bed 
Is This Answer Correct ?    17 Yes 21 No
# 10
Yesterday,I was an police officer,In Jungel,i ran,i tried to catch the thives when he was just closed to me i jumped on him and suddenly i falled down to the big hole,and suddenly i woke up,i looked at watch it was 7 o'clock in morning.I realiesed that i was in the dream.I thought lot about the dream,numbers of questions had to me about that dream,one of that was if i am short then how i was an police officer?
Then i went to the washroom to get fresh an had bath.After bath i took my morning tea.then I went to buy an News paper.I came back at Room.i read news paper,also looked the Qualified page,i cheched but there was not a good jobs and no jobs in the any company, at 11o'clock I start to cooked,then I took luch at 12.30 o'clock with my room mate,he worked at m phasis.after the lunch he went to his office and then i was alone at whole day like wised i lived everyday,i used internet,i was getting boared,i decided to go away,I planed to watch movie, i reach Vaibhav Talkies to Watch 2nd show of the day,and movies was "R....Raajkumar"my fevarite star shahid kapoor's movie.In movies theirs dilogue,action,romance,dance all were to good.i enjoyed,I liked,
I spent time in the talkies was good.I came back at room,I sang movies was evening time,i took my evening tea,and planed for what to made for dinner,i star to kooked,it was 9:30 o'clock my room mate came from his office,we had our dinner,we start to goshipp also he told me for interview on next day.i prepared myself for interview and went to bed at 11:30 o'clock.i wished GOOD NIGHT to my room mate and i closed my eyes.
Is This Answer Correct ?    0 Yes 4 No
Manjul Pantawane

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