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 Call Centre AllOther interview questions  Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions (2000)
describe the movie u have seen recently
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# 1
recemnt movie that i saw was shivaji
i have a varied opinion than others
as we allknow the movie was superstar'movie directed by sup
[er director shankar produced by super producers AVM with
the music dioirection of super arrahman wen everything
sassociatd here with the movoie is super the movie should
be super
the story stars like this shivaji is a software
professiona;l workin in us for the past 20 yrs right from
his childhood he ll have an ambitiuon to change india like
after he comes to india he'll want to build medical
college, he;ll seek the help f sumsan wh is biggest dacoit
in politics
sumsan will destroy sivajis project sivaji vows to flfill
his ambitin the very next day hell call suman and
impersonate him self as a taxation officer he steal all the
documents and money after a deal hell get 50% and hll form
a group of gundas and hooligants howere sent to attack him
and along with the group theyll hold a meeting where the
assistants and legal advicors of all the leading dacoiters
ie politicians will be heldtherehell get th infu abt every
bodys wealth and hell steal all the money hell covert the
stolen monery ionto ameroian dollars anf ask the ameriocans
there to sennd these money as welfare amounts
police will become suspivious and sarrest him suman drws a
plAN TO KILL SIVAJI IN THE JAIL but somhow rsivaji escapes
and hell comback as mgr who is inturm sivais friend
then in the final confrontation her;kll kill suman and the
welfare activitiues continue
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