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 Call Centre AllOther interview questions  Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions (1998)
As am a fresher i dont know how to attend a interview ,give 
me some tips?
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# 1
First be confident prepare one best resume and try to
explain yourself as u mention your skills in your resume ..

And if you are applying for like software or hardware job
then prepare some technical skills which may be asked in
your 3 or 4 round

1. try to introduce yourselft in effective manner.
2. Try to prepare on your tehnical side
3. General which is nothing but about your profile and
salary. HR

Thats all best of luck
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# 2
HY i am krishana from jaipur. If anyone be a fresher and he
don't know interview tips. I can say to him that Your first
step can be this.
1. Make a good CV'
2. Improvement your thoughts.
3. Have all information about interview skills according
field. If you are going in a bpo company you should have be
all information of bpo and u r going in software company u
have information of all programming language and all data
4. Don't stress ourself
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# 3
1. Prepare a fine resume. Never keep any false
information in it.
2. Keep copies of all your certificates. Also keep
supporting documents if you mention any experience.
3. Search in the internet about the company and get
some information about them. Especially the new projects of
that company. So you could answer them if you are asked to
explain about their company
4. Home work is a must.
5. It is important to wear a formal dress and a tie.
Better to wear a blazer too. Never forget to polish your
shoes. Let the color of your shoes and belt matching. Make
sure that your perfumes will not irritate others.
6. The first question you might face is to tell about
yourself. This is to give an idea about you and about the
communication skills that you have. Keep a tone and flow
in your language.
7. Answer to the right question. Your sentences should
be open ended. Try to create a friendly atmosphere.
8. Hear the question first and answer to that. Don’t
interfere while they are talking.
9. Keep an Eye contact with a pleasing smile and
confidence in your words.
10. Ask them about the salary and facilities that you
will get if you are hired.
11. Before conclusion you should make sure that you
succeed in convincing them about the contributions that you
could give them if you are hired.
For professional jobs, you must be prepared with the
technical side as there will be minimum three or four round
interview or there will be more than 1 interviewer.
Special tip: Let me tell you one thing. The person who
interviews you will be having same tension that you have.
And just think that the interviewer has no good
communication skills like you have. This will minimize your
Never start the conversation with “Well”. And
avoid “fillers” like “you know”, “ummm”. But maintain a
body language.
This is upon my experience. Wish you all the very best.
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Imran Haris
# 4
1.Be more confidence
2.your dress and grooming is very important one.
3.Develop your communication skills & interviewal skills.
4.Be truthful & dont tell lie.
5.Make a good c.v. and it should contains all necessary
details about you.
6.Be passion and bold.
7.Try to avoid the usage of more perfumes.
8.All the very best for your bright and colour full carrer
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# 5
my own tips for freasher

1. be confidence

2. make good c.v

3. just forgot about ur interviews just prove yourself to
who' taking your interview .
4. tell hem about you in cv (everything like hobbies ,
your qualifiction
5. pray to god for help

6. and just thinks about your needs i mean money and job
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# 6
As U r a fresher
1) Be confident.
2) Make a good & Real C.V.
3) Dress in Well Manner
4) Feel why he could hire u for the job.
5) Tell him that what can u give for the company if he hire
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# 7
what ever you had seen above know is all common today.but
try to be different from all others what they
have.understand my point?ok are some tips which you
can follow blindly
1.first of all you query about the company which you are
2.then write down the points inthe paper
3.he/she should prepare a cv/resume in a good and
smartlooking manner
4.the dress code is formal dress and the shoes must be very
dark,if possible were a TIE.
5.give your all certificates in the good file.this shows
how good you rae at maintaining. cool.dont be tentious.there will be no one whom you
can dont be fear.
thats all .

all the best of luck!
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# 8
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Rakesh Kumar
# 9
Its very important to have a home work.
Then main area of concentrations shuld be on,
1. RESUME- Preapre a resume which contains only needed
genuine informations. Avoid unwanted topics from the resume
sothat we can eacape from complecated question.(eg.
hobbies, strength etc)
2. DRESSING- it sholud be in the typical Fomal way (Full
sleeves plain light shade shirt and fomal pleated trouser)
3.GROOMING- Cut and keep your hair properly, shaving is must
4.INTRODUCTION- Well prepared and organized, keep a
structured pattern of delivering information like, place of
living, Graduation first, then post graduation, then
experience. Say little about the family and the at the end
og the information say " thats little about me".
5. BODY LANGUAGE- Keep eyecontact, body postures, justures,
peer to peer talk.
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Sajin K Das
# 10
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