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 Call Centre AllOther interview questions  Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions (1999)
speak for 2 minutes on some topic
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# 1
smile :a smle is the most wonderful expression one can hold over a face. it is concidered to be healthy in a way but apart frm being helathy it tells us about the person as well.leterally,who would like to spend time with a dull,always full of negetive thoughts and staying afraid of everything but
considering a person full of possitivity ,energetic and a smile over a face would rather give you more confidence.its a matter of self conciousness

no wonder were sad at times but hey! this isnt the worst that could happen to you
think over it!
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# 2
Christmas is one of the major festival for the Christians. mainly this festival was celebrate in states with praying god. on that day all the members are wearing new clothes and go to the church heart fully praying god. all the members are worship the god and they asked forgiveness to that all the people are dipping in enjoyed with fully happiness. they telling one member to another member Christimas whishes. 
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# 3
my topic is holi every body enjoy the day because it's a very great festival in india. it's a colour full day everyone putting colours to one another relatives are come
and playing the holi with their elder sister and
brothers.The days comes to an end with lot of colours
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# 4
will you stop me after 2 min.? because i cannot stop if i
started speaking over the phone to my friends.I do not know
how it was decided for 3 at the public
telephone,but it was good have the same feature in the
personal phones too,because it helps us to decide whether to
continue the call or stop by beeping for every 3 minutes, as
we know we will have many friends to talk one after the
other and at the same time we cannot put them all in
conference and speak to them.The good idea was ask some one
to interrupt while speaking like i am asking you now, for
not 3 min.but 2 min..
was it over? ..let me continue speaking if let me
take a topic..what will you like to listen? music i
guess.there are good number of ring tones available now.and
caller tunes.. such a good features we have around apart
from technology that makes our living better!
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# 5
Topic on Holi
Tomorrow is a holi every body enjoy the day because it's a
very great festival in india. it's a colour full day
everyone putting colours to one another relatives are come
and playing the holi with their elder sister and
brothers.The days comes to an end with lot of colours.
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Mohammed Sameer
# 6

Pongal is one of the festival for hindues.
This festival mainely 3 days celebrating. This festival
mainely to celebrate with villages. The first day
celebration all of the people to enjoy it. The second
day celebration is jallikkattu. This is one of the
entertainment sport. They will involved in all of the
youngsters. To control for all of the young bulls. The
third day celebration is collect from money's.
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Tharani Tharan.p
# 7
Valli is the given to feedback every one. she is working
past 5years in bpo concern. while giving feedback some
times she slept. she entering office earlier at 6 o'clock.
after wake up she call and torcher night shift people.
after entering office also torcher continuesly....
Is This Answer Correct ?    9 Yes 35 No
Bill Gates

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