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what are the advantages and disadvantages of biofertilizers?
 Question Submitted By :: Botany
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# 1

AS it is living thing it can symboitically associate with
plant root .

Microorganisms convert complex organic materail in simple
compound, so that plant easly taken up.

Function of the microorganism is in long duration

Improvesthe fertility of the soil.

I helps other Plant growth promoting rhizo micobiota.

Maitaince the natural habitate of the soil.

More ecofriendly.


Difficulty to storage.

Slow action.
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Ravi Chaitanya. Tholeti
# 2
harnesses atmospheric nitrogen and makes it
available directly to the plants.
increases phosphorus uptake by solubilising and
releasing unavailable phosphorus.
enhances root proliferation due to release of
growth promoting harmones.
increases the crop yields by 10 25 %.
improves soil properties and sustain soil
are cost effective and environment friendly.
benefit to cost ratio of biofertilizers is fairly
1. On account of quality of product
o Use of ineffective strain.
o Insufficient population of microorganisms.
o High level of contaminants.
2. On account of inadequate storage facilities
o May have been exposed to high temperature.
o May have been stored in hostile conditions.
3. On account of usage
o Not used by recommended method in appropriate doses.
o Poor quality adhesive.
o Used with strong doses of plant protection
4. On account of soil and environment
o High soil temperature or low soil moisture.
o Acidity or alkalinity in soil.
o Poor availability of phosphorous and molybdenum.
o Presence of high native population or presence of
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# 3
biofertilizers are low cost inputs.lead to soil
enrichment,they are ecofreindlyand pose no danger
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K Lakshmi Sowjanya
# 4
biofertilizers make up by many algal plant and angiosperm
and some decay leaves contain organic mater. It is
decomposed. to useful compound by some earth worm . and also
symbiotic association with azolla anabena the are fix the
nitrogen in earth and gives the nitrogen to the host plant.

disadvantages for that compost more number of cost

time is takes
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# 5
biofertilizer make the soil as rich in pro,vit,etc
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# 6
it contains microbes and cause no harm to the crops 
Is This Answer Correct ?    5 Yes 1 No
# 7
(a)low cost inputs
(b)lead to soil enrichment
(c)compatible with long term sustainability
(d)they are ecofriendly
(e)pose no danger to environment..
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Vibha Shakya
# 8
it help soil organic matter
itmakes no harm to plants
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# 9
Decrease the use of costly chemical fertilizers.
It is pollution free.
Supply plant nutrients (N & P)
Secrete plant growth hormones.
Protect from pathogens.
Less costly & simple to use.
It is renewable.
Increases soil fertility.
Non-toxic to non-target organism.
Very specific to target plant.

Bio fertilizers require special care for long-term storage because they are alive. They must be used before their expiration date. If other microorganisms contaminate the carrier medium or if growers use the wrong strain, they are not as effective. The soil must contain adequate nutrients for bio fertilizer organisms to thrive and work. Bio fertilizers complement other fertilizers, but they cannot totally replace them. Bio fertilizers lose their effectiveness if the soil is too hot or dry. Excessively acidic or alkaline soils also hamper successful growth of the beneficial microorganisms; moreover, they are less effective if the soil contains an excess of their natural microbiological enemies. Shortages of particular strains of microorganisms or of the best growing medium reduce the availability of some bio fertilizers.
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Dinesh Kumar Badal
# 10
fungi help us in a number of but we have its side effects
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