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what is Option Implicit
 Question Submitted By :: Visual-Basic
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
Option Explicit has 2 values ON and OFF
deafult value is ON
-Option Explicit means - All the variables should be
declared before its use.
Else it shows is a good practice to use this..
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# 2
Option Explicit means - All the variables should be
declared before its use.
Else it shows error
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# 3
can i able to change my vb6 form style 
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# 4
it should be noted that implicit declaration is by default
you can change implicit deceleration to explicit deceleration
by typing "option explicit"
bt vice verse is not true
ie.. you cannot write "option implicit" in the code
it will raise error
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Prashant Verma
# 5
Instance of specific copy of a class with its own settings
for the properties defined in that class. Note: The
implicity defined variable is never equal to nothing.
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# 6
option explicit means declare variable name before use it,
if we not give variable name that can show error .
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# 7
suppose we have declare X as a character.
now if we use x instead of X(capital letter) accidentally
then vb will not raise any error because x get declared as
variant(a default data type) implicitly
option implicit is used for that
bt if we want vb not to declare implicitly then we use
Option explicit
ie.. the vb will raise error
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Prashant Verma
# 8
Option Explicit is set to On, to declare the variable
if u set it to off, the user who is going to read your
coding won't find it easy to know what type of variable it
stores. i.e int, float, string, var, etc.,
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# 9
Option Explicit On
-> x=X+1 'error

Option Explicit Off
-> x=X+1 'no error

option explicit off = option implicit (don't need to write that)
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# 10
Variable declaretion is not required before use. 
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Narendra Chauhan

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