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Differences Between Whitebox testing and Blackbox testing
 Question Submitted By :: Manual-Testing
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# 1
White Box Testing:Means testing the application with
coding /programming knowledge.That means the tester has to
correct the code also.

Black box testing:testing the application without
coding /programming knowledge that means the tester doesn't
require coding knowledge.Just he examines the appliaction
external fucntional beheaviour and GUI features.

byee friends
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# 2
White box testing is done by the Developers. This requires
knowledge of the internal coding of the software.

Black box testing is done by the professional testing team.
This does not require knowledge of internal coding of the
application. Testing the application against the
functionality of the application with out the knowledge of
internal coding of the software.
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# 3
Black box testing is done by any member of test team.because
you do not require any knowledge of coding which you
have to check only its functionality and GUI

In white box testing you need good knowledge of the coding is done only by developers
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Jocky Garg
# 4
Whitebox Testing:It is done by developers.It typically
involves in coding.In this Testing developers concentrates
on internal structure of the program and justifgies whether
that program is correct or not.
Blackbox testing: It is done by seperate Testing team. in
this testers validates the developed application by
execution of testcases and finding Bugs and send error
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# 5
(1)Generally black box testing will begin early in the
software development i.e. in requirement gathering
phase itself.
But for white box testing approach one has to wait for
the designing has to complete.

2)We can use black testing strategy almost any size either
it may be small or large.
But white box testing will be effective only for small
lines of codes or piece of codes.

3)In white box testing we can not test Performance of the
But in Black box testing we can do it.

4 )In general we have to write large quantity of test
cases for whitebox.
But in black box its a selcection of sample test cases.
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Ravi Garg
# 6
In blackbox testing no knowledge of code is required and
with the little knowledge of the code thats called

Whitbox testing that is related to structual knowledge
whereas Blackbox Testing that is related to funtional
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# 7
White box testing is nothing but coding.
It focus on the program part. Rather then finicality.
Black box testing is nothing but funcnality .
It focuses on the funcnality part rather then the program
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Rajeshwar Rao
# 8
In Black Box testing, maintainability is hard, as when the User Interface constantly change the inputs also will have to change. In White Box Testing maintainability will be much easier than Black Box test as it deals with the underline codes, and a user Interface will not affect maintainability of the program. 
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# 9
Black-box: This testing methodology looks at what are the
available inputs for an application and what the expected
outputs are that should result from each input. It is not
concerned with the inner workings of the application, the
process that the application undertakes to achieve a
particular output or any other internal aspect of the
application that may be involved in the transformation of an
input into an output. Most black-box testing tools employ
either coordinate based interaction with the applications
graphical user interface (GUI) or image recognition. An
example of a black-box system would be a search engine.
You enter text that you want to search for in the search
bar, press “Search” and results are returned to you. In such
a case, you do not know or see the specific process that is
being employed to obtain your search results, you simply
see that you provide an input – a search term – and you
receive an output – your search results.
White-box: This testing methodology looks under the
covers and into the subsystem of an application. Whereas
black-box testing concerns itself exclusively with the
and outputs of an application, white-box testing enables
you to see what is happening inside the application.
testing provides a degree of sophistication that is not
available with black-box testing as the tester is able to
to and interact with the objects that comprise an
rather than only having access to the user interface. An
example of a white-box system would be in-circuit testing
where someone is looking at the interconnections between
each component and verifying that each internal
connection is working properly. Another example from a
different field might be an auto-mechanic who looks at the
inner-workings of a car to ensure that all of the individual
parts are working correctly to ensure the car drives
The main difference between black-box and white-box
testing is the areas on which they choose to focus. In
simplest terms, black-box testing is focused on results. If
an action is taken and it produces the desired result then
the process that was actually used to achieve that outcome
is irrelevant. White-box testing, on the other hand, is
concerned with the details. It focuses on the internal
workings of a system and only when all avenues have
been tested and the sum of an application’s parts can be
shown to be contributing to the whole is testing complete.
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# 10
WHITE BOX TESTING- In this the structural part of the
application is verified.
Role- developer

BLACK BOX TESTING- In this the functional part of the
application is verified.
Role- Tester
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M.v.s. Prasad

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