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 Call Centre AllOther interview questions  Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions (2007)
sell this pen too me?
 Question Submitted By :: Call-Centre-AllOther
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
our company has come out with a new and stylish pen. It has
been specially designed to help the people who haven't
satisfied with anyother pen. It looks very colourful and
stylish and It will give smooth writing and people will be
happy to read any letter when it is written with this pen.
moreover, the ink in this pen will last for 5000 km. So I
think you will definitly satisfied with this pen once you
start to use this pen. So i suggest to u to avail this pen.
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# 2
gud morning sir, i am arif from xyz ball pen company.
i m please to inform you that our company has launched a
new pen which is specialy prepared for those people who
have to work a lot. it is very smooth and stylish pen it is
in three color red, pink and blue. You can use this pen as
long as u wish and you feel not tired after using it
because it grip is made by speacial material which cant let
u tired. plz try this one. u feel very comfertable. and the
most importent thing is thing that it is in buged. and as
you know that today is the launching day so our company is
giving speacial offer today. so plz sir/madam hurry.
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Arif Rahman
# 3
Hello sir!
Having a good day???
Pen has a very distintive role to play in Human life, if u
dunt mind, can i ask, when u buy a Pen, what is the 1st
things that u notice about that pen. ( Lisen to what the
consumer has to say!!) {then ask}, Which Brand of a pen do
u would like to use/ do use?, And what do u expect out of a
pen?? does it lives up to ur expectations???

Here i am, giving a world a chance to purhase (say the
brand name) Pen!, its highly sophisticated system, gives it
an edge over its competitors, less leakage, no spillage in
ur pockets, sleek design, for an easy grip, the nib part
designed so that ur finger tips do not get tired even after
loong hours of use! (give it to the consure to try!!, come
on sir!, try it..and tell me how it feels!) (dunt forget to

Does ur current Pne has such features and sleek design??
This one has a color that blends in with the enviroment and
is like a attention grabber!!

and guess what?? its as/less than/slightly
higher/lower/smilar to the one u are using!!

Note:: the key is to lisen to what the consumer needs in a
pen!!..make it ur strenght!! even if it doesnt have that
feautre!! ur just a sales person..ur job is to sell..and
just go about..sell tha Gawd-damn thing...rite it down...

Trust me..ur the sales person of the month..the key!! get
to know what the hell does the consmer wants...assess
it..and then imply!!
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# 4
good morning sir this is debraj speaking from abc pen
house.I will be please to inform you that our comapny has
launched a new pen called Astroball.This pen has got a
fluid 5.9 technology which makes free flow of ink ,the ink
will not leak nor freeze due to this technology,The pen has
got a smoother grip so that u can hold this pen tightly
without feeling much pressure.It is available in 4 colours
red blue green and black .So sir if u want to make your
writing world class,try this pen.Since the pen is launched
today u will be getting a 20% of discount.So hurry up order
this pen soon,the offer is limited.
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# 5
Good morning sir, this pen is just the beginning of you writing your destiny. It sounds dramatic however it's true! The USP of this pen is both its form and function, there are many pens in the market sold at cheap prices and solve the same purpose of writing. But, the new CR7 pen functions in every condition without the ink getting freezed and is durable. As a promotional activity I would offer you a 5 % discount and an extended after sales service. 
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Shashank Dhariyal
# 6
1. good morning sir, my name is jack and i m form xyz company.

2. our company has launched this new pen which is very smooth and stylish.

3. it uses ........ technology which provides the proper ink flow.

4. also it is leak proof and the ink never freezes at low temperatures.

5. also the pen doesn't look cheap..i mean you can use it anywhere like in office or in nice restaurant without hesitation.

6. i know you are thinking why am i selling this pen to you when there are dozens available in the market.this is because our company is offering special discount on the purchase of two.

7. the cost of this pen is set to Rs.20 which is quite low as compared to other pens in market.

8. and because everybody needs a pen, so if you consider performance ,looks and cost all at once i think its a great deal. how many would you like to buy sir?
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# 7
Hello sir. My name is Chester Merrick, I'm with the abc
pen company and I'd like to ask you a few questions. Yes?
May I ask your name sir? Dan? Nice to meet you Dan. As I
understand it, you are in the market for a new writing
utensil. May I ask what it is that is bothering you about
your current utensils? Right. So, you need something more
flexible than a pen? More forgiving? But you don't need
it too often because so many of your daily applications
require a more permanent hand. Ok excellent. Well my best
suggestion for you is not a pen at all but a pencil! Our
pencils are lightweight and extrememly forgiving. Notice
the large eraser for cleaning up mistakes. Also have a
look at the lead, that's number 2, which is the most wodely
used lead on the market today! Best of all Dan, pencils
are cheaper than pens so you don't have to drop a lot of
cash in order to fulfill your small daily requirements.
With my pencil you could clean up your notes and everything
you use it on would look much more professional.
Is there anything else that concerns you? No?
Great! How many can I order for you? Also we do offer
personalization so everyone in the office knows that these
pencils are yours and yours alone.
Thank you very much Dan! It was great to meet you and I
hope to do business with you again soon!

It is most important to first discover the needs of the
client. Address those needs and then ask if there are any
other issues that may still concern him/her. Address those
needs and you've sold yourself a pen!
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# 8
hello sir i am prince garg , abc company has launched this
supercool pen, it got a quite a super comfort grip and it is
also a water proof so that your can never get ruptured by
water, and u can also push it to open and pull it to close
there no cap that needs to carry while writing and if u buy
a packet than u got a lucky coupon in which u can win a
assured price.
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Prince Garg
# 9
hi ,goodmorning sir this is sanjay from abc pen company...the reason i m here is recently we have launched a pen which is a long lasting pen ,this pen have a smooth touch and nib, its a ball pen ...the grip of this pen is perfect its totally rubber so your fingers will not slip while writing....u might have seen our prmotions in newspaper and television....

if u buy it today u would get two refills for free and a membership card wherein whenever we launch any new pen u would get extra benefits .....the cost of this pen is 100 purchasing this pen you are not only helping us bcoz out of this 100 rs every 20 rs will go to a child relief fund so u are also helping them out.....

so u can try it for few minutes and u can let me know how much pens would u like to buy.....thanks
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Sanjay Pundir
# 10
Sir, im mak salesman for pen company we have launched a new
pen in the market which is so smooth,good grip and ink will
wont finish till six months and the cost is also too
low,why this pen is so important for you because i will
give one example,tomorrow in the morning first hour you
have to drop a cheque in the bank that is your boss order
and u wake up late and u dont have time to go and buy pen
in the market at that what will u do you wont have another
option you have to buy that pen only.By giving this example
we can sell this pen to intervier
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