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the ratio of white balls to black balls is 1:2. if 9 balls 
are added then the ratio of the balls become 2:4:3. find 
the number of black balls. a) 12 b) 6 c)9 d)none
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# 1
these are question tht are seem to be like it consumes
time. so dont see jus the question and run to the next .

ans. a) 12

if 9 balls are added then the ratio to the combination
becomes 2:4:3.

9 balls make the ratio 3 for grey balls in tht mixture.
so the factor is 9/3 = 3 (in tht mixture)

so the same factor has to be maintained through out the
ratio. so black balls is 4 * 3 = 12 and white balls is 2 *
3 = 6.
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# 2
how can grey balls come from nywhere? the ratio is only
given for two types of balls, then how come there is
another color of balls added?
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# 3
Wrong Question 
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# 4

taken 2 white ball na next to take 4 black balls next 3 white balls going on
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# 5
the data is not correct 
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# 6
please correct your Question! 
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Venkat Stony
# 7
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