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what are the mandatory and assistive properties of objects 
in QTP?What is attached text?Plz assist me with proper 
 Question Submitted By :: QTP
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# 1
Once u record the script qtp caputure the properties of an
object and give an unique logical name.And find the objects
by using manadatory properties(class,label),if manadatory
properties are not unique that will be go for assitive(x,y
co-ordinates, enable,disable,height,width) properties, if
it is not unique that will go for oridinal properties
(location,index).By using these properties qtp identify the
properties of the object.
if u have any qurriers contact with me on mail
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# 2
First of all the QTP will learn all the mandatory properties
at a time and then think weather these properties are
sufficient to identify the object uniquely. If it feels
sufficient then it will stop learning otherwise it will
learn the first assistive property and once again stops and
thinks weather these properties are sufficient to identify
the object uniquely. If it feels sufficient then it stops
learning otherwise learns the second assistive property and
checks weather these properties are sufficient or not. This
process continuous till the QTP satisfies or up to the end
of the assistive properties list. At the end of the
assistive properties list also if it feels not satisfied
then it will finally learn the ordinal identifier and stops
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# 3
at runtime qtp recognize object using mandatory
properties..if the mandatory properties are not sufficent
to recognize the object then it's go to assistive
properties...attached text is one of the property to
recognize the object .suppose the edit box of Agent name in
flight reservation attached text property is "AgentName:"

if u want to change the mandatory or assistive properties
go to the object identification...already default
properties of mandatory and assistive properties are
available in object identification .No one can give the
answer comman properties of mandatory and assitive
properties..because the properties are changed depends on
the standard windows,web,visul
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Murali Raju
# 4
when ther is a mismatch with the objects in the object
repository qtp identifies the object with the mandatory
properties and assistive properties and performs the
operation and smart identification is enabled in reportin
the results
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# 5
its a prop that is in MATH!!! 
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Ass Hole
# 6
mandatory and assistive props are selected while we are
doing object identification,so wile identifying all
mandatory props are must and if these are not sufficient
one by one assistive property is used till it uniquly
identifies one oblect.
attached text is a property which can be selected in
mandatory or assis props.
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# 7
Mandatory Properties:
1. Text
2. Native Class
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