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Tell me something about your project?
 Question Submitted By :: Swapna
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  Re: Tell me something about your project?
# 1
My project name is MEDIA-ERP.Its consist of 7 modules.
i am working maintenance module.Our client is Dailythanthi
newspaper.i done many forms & Reports.some form is asset
warraty,asset detail,manufacture details.Its fully related
to maintain the asset in up to date.Insurance form is main
one.If any cause ie theft or fire,we vl claim insurnce.and
i am also done my reports thats all

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  Re: Tell me something about your project?
# 2
My project is small but contains many messages and also
higher amount of money

My aim is easy to understand
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  Re: Tell me something about your project?
# 3
my project is mp_tourism resevation program in which
employees can reseve the persons for particular place
hotel, transport
.we can maintain all information about mp tourist places &
it plat form is Visual basic & we used oracal as back end
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Supriya Mishra
  Re: Tell me something about your project?
# 4
my project is ERP .
it consists of five main modules production,purchase ,sales
and material management system .
The main aim of the project is
* To save the time and reduce the paper usage.
* To increase the production with proper plane.
* To increase the sales by online marketing.
* To reduce wastage of the raw material by proper
estimation for purchase of the raw material.
I worked in devoloping purchase module .
whenever i want to execute more than one command i used
some stored procedures to reduce the network traffic,
reusability of the code.

this is some thing about my project . Tell me the better
way to explane about my project . what points should be
thank you
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  Re: Tell me something about your project?
# 5
We need to explain the following way ..

what is your project..?
Ans:My Project name is Security Management.

What is the purpose of project..?
Ans: The main purpose of this project is develop to check
user authentication and user management.This project is
main part of our product.

What is your project functions..?
Ans: This project support user access,user
authentication,user and group management,Security audit

Who is the client of the project ..?
Ans: AT&T

How many members working in that project ..?
Ans: 7 members

What is your role in the project ..?
Customer document review
Requirement preparation
Team Management
Design,coding and Unit/IT testing.
Bug fixing and System Test support
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  Re: Tell me something about your project?
# 6
My project is Land Portal, which consists of tracking the
land buying process by filled various formats by
authenticated users. Along with linked with R&R system to
know about the status of Land Owners to fulfill R&R
There are 7 team members working on project.
my role includes:
1. Requirement gathering
2. documenting
3. cmmunicating the same to development team.
4. mannual testing in test server
5. to finalize the same from users.
6. finally giving the sign off after completing UAT.
7. and then implement the same by educating the users.
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Sarika Gupta
  Re: Tell me something about your project?
# 7
The aim of this question, is to understand how well we
represent our project profile along with our role, which
ever has more significance.

For eg.
I am working on blah & blah Project, which uses so & so
technology. And my role is this.
1. Either so & so technology reffered here, should have
very significance. So that the same technology might hit
the interviewer as well.
2. my role is THIS. THIS should be clearly very unique of
its kind, which makes signicant differnce between others &
you, otherwise why a company would like to hire you? when
you are NOT UNIQUE, from what their employees.
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Kumar Vaddadi
  Re: Tell me something about your project?
# 8
My project is Loan management system. It consists of 4 main
modules admin, customer, officer, and manager.

The main aim of the project is

• Easily provide loans to customers through online.
• To save the time of customers.
• To reduce wastage of paper usage.

It is the individual project. In that my role is

• Requirement Analysis
• Designing and coding
• Testing
• Implementation
• Maintenance

According to my project Loan management system allows users
of the system to register themselves, and apply for loans.
An officer can view the loan requests or forward the request
to the manager. The manager can then sanction/reject the
loan request.

General users of the site are called Visitors. Visitors can
view general information about the bank and the loaning
procedures the bank follows. The system allows the visitor
to apply for a loan. When the visitor submits a temporary
loan application the bank executive can contact the visitor
and setup a meeting. This discussion could also take place
over the phone or by exchange of electronic
mails.Thereafter, the visitor signup and submits a formal
loan application. After signing up with the system the
visitor is identified a customer, with an assigned customer-id.

Thus, Visitors who register with the system become
customers. Each customer has a unique id, using which he can
login into the system. After logging in, a customer can
view/update his profile,change his password and apply for a
loan. He can view the laon status after he has applied for a

Once the customer requests for a loan, the application is
forwarded to the officer. The officer verifies the documents
and loan amount is decided, based on the verified documents.
The officer holds the application, rejects the application,
or forwards the applicaton to manager for sanction. The
manager sees the loan request only after officer verifies
the documents and forwards the request. Finally, the loan is
sanctioned by the manager.
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Sandeep Kumar
  Re: Tell me something about your project?
# 9
does any one know about aceotne? 
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  Re: Tell me something about your project?
# 10
Now a days everybody having mobiles,but there is no enough
time to charge it,hence this project is used to charge the
mobile phone battery after receiving power wirelessly,hence
there is no need to put the mobile phones in plug to charge it.
In our project have transmitter as well as receiver part. in
transmitter side hv transformer,rectifier circuit,micro
controller,NE555 timer,Metal Transistor,Transmitting coil
and RX side hv receiver coil and charging ckt.
The main merits of our project is
1.Required no wire
2.Easy to transmit
3.Cost reduction
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