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What is InStr()
 Question Submitted By :: QTP
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
Mr chandrashekar .......... if u want to give the brief
explanation abt any Question...... Write here itself .....
No need to provide ur contact details .........

It's very bad part of it ........

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# 2
This is a String Function which uis used to identify where
the position of one string or letter in the other string
which occurs for the first time.
For Eg:
First String str1=: A sentence does not end with because
beacause because is a conjuction.
Second and identified string str2=: because
if we given like a=Instr(str1,str2,1)
it is gives a as 7
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# 3
Here I am Providing the right answer. If U want to find the
first occurance of substring with in string then u can use
the instr function.

any doubts mail to
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# 4
Sample code to use InStr() in VB.Net

Friend Function DecimolNumbers(ByVal KeyChar As Char, ByVal
TxtBox As TextBox) As Boolean

Select Case KeyChar.ToString

Case Keys.Delete.ToString
Return False
Exit Function
Case Keys.Left.ToString
Return False
Exit Function
Case Keys.Right.ToString
Return False
Exit Function
Case Keys.Tab.ToString
Return False
Exit Function
Case vbBack
Return False
Exit Function
Case Keys.Enter.ToString
Return False
Exit Function
Case Keys.Home.ToString
Return False
Exit Function
Case Keys.End.ToString
Return False
Exit Function
Case Keys.Escape.ToString

End Select

If (KeyChar.ToString = "." And InStr
(TxtBox.Text, ".") > 0) Then
Return True
Exit Function
End If

If KeyChar.ToString = "." Then Return False

If IsNumeric(KeyChar) = True Then
Return False
Return True
End If

End Function
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Mr. Buntha Khin
# 5
I Agree with Krishnachand. 
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# 6
a) When the use the two are more string then use instr ()
b) Ex: - This like instr (str1, str2, ?)

My name is k.chandra sekhar,
My phone no is 09246540049,
My mail id is
If any body want full explain send the mail
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K.chandra Sekhar

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