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There are 3 types of frame works in QTP
1. Linear frame work
2. Modular frame work
3. Key word driven frame work.

Can any body explain the above 3 frame work models.
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# 1
Frame work is nothing but a collection of folder structurea
and placing all files into corresponding folders.

Linear FW is the individual scripts written in QTP and
executing the scripts individually..
Modualr FW is the collection of actions created as reusable
in one test and calling these actions in the other test
where we need..
Keyword Driven FW is creating functional libraries and
calling funtion name as keywords in the test using
default.xls data table...

Note:But in real time companies follow their own frame
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# 2
Automation frame work is nothing but a set of guidelines
designed by expert to accomplish a task in an effective,
efficient and an optimised way.
There are 4 different types of frame work:
1) linear
2) modular
3) keyword
4) hybrid
Maximum we follow keyword framework

Keyword frame work is nothing but creating a software
structure like
1) scripts 2)object repository 3)test data 4)recovery
scenario 5)log files 6)library files etc

1) create scripts and save it in scripts component
2) create shared or and save it in or component
3) Create test data and save it in test data component
etc.,after creating all these components include the files
or Components to script or QTP and execute the script

Automation Framework: it is nothing but a
Standard/Procedure/Guidelines/process which is use to

Automation Planning with respect to AUT.

Linear Framework: If your application is supposed to
Regression run on Local System then this framework is

Modular Framework: If AUT is supposed to Regression run in
which More than one Action has to be performing for the
same script then Modular framework is better. You might be
making your test Modular by dividing your test into many re-
usable actions and either any action can call any of the
action within that test.

Keyword Driven Framework:
It sound like business process testing where you might be
able to write business logics/code and develop your script
and those scripts can be call from outside of your test.
Moreover there might be various functions libraries to be
build and to be use, Recovery Scenarios, OR maintenance etc
will provide your test Reusable.
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# 3
Test Script Modularity FW: This FW requires creation of
test scripts(programs)for the functionality of the AUT.
2) A small scripts combined together in order to construct
large test scripts.
3) It follows the principle of Data Abstraction or
Encapsulation inorder to mnaintain the scalability of the
4) This FW is used for Winrunner

Keyword Driven FW:This is QTP Framework.
1) this FW is involved with creating keywords & data tables.
2) the driven script is created to read in each steps and
execute each step from key word as wel as data table.

If this is wrong,plz. correct me
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# 4
Following are the different QTP Frameworks -

1. Linear Framework
2. Modular Framework
3. Keyword Driven Framework
4. Data Driven Framework
5. Hybrid Framework

Check the below link for more details.
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# 5
Linear Framework: Record and play. If your application is
supposed to Regression run on Local System then this
framework is

Keyword driven framework:
-Driver script
-Call the functions on the fly depends what
test cases to be run
Open app test case
-call opeapp function
Login test case:
-call openapp function
-Call login function
Create reservation test case:
-call openapp function
-Call to login function
-call to reservation
Fax order test case
-call openapp function
-Call to login function
-call to reservation
-Call to fax order function
-Write more functions
-each function will be
recognised as keyword
-Hybrid framework
- combination of Data driven and Keyword
driven frameworks
-BPT framework
-Business Process Testing
-test business process
-sell side process:
(walmart =>
-how to sell
product to
-Sales order
-buy side process: (vendor
and walmart)
-how to purchase
products from vendor
purchase order
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