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what is difference between direct and indirect marketing?
 Question Submitted By :: Business-Administration
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# 1
Direct marketing means all those ways by which company can
contect it's customers directly like- e-mails, catalogue
marketing, tele marketing, party plan etc.
where as in indorect marketing company do not contect it;s
customers directly they contect through some chennel like-
t.v. ad's, hordings, news papers, etc.
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Kanika Sharma
# 2
direct marketing is the face to face or person to person
directly speaking to the person about a product to sell the
product and tell about its feature and also giving
guarantee to the buyer to buy the product.
Indirect marketing includes like online
markerting that is not directly sold by the seller.
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# 3
Direct marketing is ďAn interactive, integrative prospect
communication and contact program that spans the
traditional funnel of search though measurable action or
Indirect marketing is a non-interactive, non-
integrative prospect communication, it is just another word
for advertising mediums (like cell phones and social
networks), which can be used in either branding marketing
(which is indirect)
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Kranthi Konakandla
# 4
Direct marketing is approaching the client and marketing
about the product face to face. It involves discussion only
related the product or service.

Indirect marketing is a approach of conveying information's
about the product or service to customers. Its mainly termed
as reference, praising about the product or service to other
customers and increasing the value of the product.
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# 5
Direct marketing is a type of marketing in which company
directly target its customer or consumer through different
marketing medias and channels such as internet, television,
radio, E-mail, Direct mail catalog etc.There is no middleman
involve in it.

Indirect marketing involves middleman to target there
customer or consumer.This is through newspaper, Banners, etc.
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# 6
Direct Mkt- when the company targets the customer directly,
like by door to door mkt, outbound calling, by e-mails, by
catalogs etc. This is for the Exsisting cutomer or for the
group of people which is targeted by the company or for a
specific community of people. Company do it on the detabase
after R&D.

Indirect Mkt- This a very genral term of mkt in this n num
of people targeted by the company or u can say all genral
people, it is only for the inform peole that we hav this
product in market. like on road banners, online adds etc
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G.d. Bhargav
# 7
direct marketing is just like a face to face marketing or sale something. In direct marketing there is a channel of manufacturer, whole seller,retailer,end user. For example:: like any thing u buy from any kind of store.
While in indirect marketing there is a direct contact between manufacturer to customer. product or services are not sale by any channel of distributing system. For example:: Dell computers selling.
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# 8
selling through manufacturer-direct marketing
selling with chennals-indirect marketing
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# 9
direct marketing is directly done by marketer i.e face to
face or by meeting individual person and offering different
product and services,without using addevertising mediums
like t.v adds,hordings,print add...etc.its a two way
communication wherin customer response to the seller...but
in indirect marketing marketer use various mediums to
addveties there product but its not neccesarry that
customer will response,he may response or may not be...
Is This Answer Correct ?    2 Yes 0 No
Ankit Birje
# 10
Direct selling means company selling product to its customer.
Indirect selling means through retailer, wholesaler and
other intermediatories.
Is This Answer Correct ?    2 Yes 0 No
Vidya Subodh Hegde

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