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 Call Centre AllOther interview questions  Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions (2000)
What is the importance of computer.
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# 1
A computer can give us everything we need! for example, a
reseach project, finding someone in the internet, can get
you a cyber friend, and for me this is the best storage
file, you can make a back-up of your file when somebody
accidentally deleted it. You don't have to retype your file
again because you have a back-up and it contains the same
file.A computer can make your work much easier!
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# 2
Information and communication are two of the most important
strategic issues for the success of every enterprise.
While today nearly every organization uses a substantial
number of computers and communication tools (like telephone
or fax), they are often still isolated. While managers
today are able to use applications like wordprocessors or
spreadsheets, not very many of them use computer-based
tools to communicate with other departments or information
retrieval programs.
To overcome these obstacles in an effective usage of
information technology, computer networks are necessary.
They are a new kind (one might call it paradigm) of
organization of computer systems produced by the need to
merge computers and communications. At the same time they
are the means to converge the two areas; the unnecessary
distinction between tools to process and store information
and tools to collect and transport information can
disappear. Computer networks can manage to put down the
barriers between information held on several (not only
computer) systems. Only with the help of computer networks
can a borderless communication and information environment
be built.

Computer networks allow the user to access remote programs
and remote databases either of the same organization or
from other enterprises or public sources. Computer networks
provide communication possibilities faster than other
facilities. Because of these optimal information and
communication possibilities, computer networks may increase
the organizational learning rate,which many authors declare
as the only fundamental advantage in competition.

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# 3
computer is imporatant because....
it gives us more knowledge about our history life.
it can give us info. about the happenings in our planet.
we can design our own houses by means of computer.
we can communicate in other countries, by means of computer.
now a days..
computer let us track criminals and animals around the
it helps the jobless people to apply more easier, by means
of computer..
and ETC.
we know that computers helps us very much..

eLLa .. PoT
12 yrs. old..=P
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Ella .. Pot
# 4
it help in research project
to find someone on the internet
to get friends
can make your work much easier
it give us more knowledge about our history life
it can give us information about the happening in our planet
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Said R Mmbaga
# 5
Computer is a electronic device,which contains software and is nothing but operating system,the user
interact with the hardware the help of the operating system
only.And the hardware is a external part of the
computer,like cpu,keyboard,mouse...........

Now a days the computer used many ways like
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# 6
computer is a electronicmission.
now a days every one using tha computer
espically for using for business purpose where ever we see
in shops offices homes every where using computer.

computer is doing work is very fastly and correctly
we are use the computer we can get more knowledge.

computer is helps for pepole.

i think computer also one wounder
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K Sudhakar
# 7
computer is just a electronic device,but can capable bring
everything near to us.we can achive anything based on our
requirement just like to get our frined staying in any diff
places through minimizes the work time and
burden and it can gives guarentee to save our data like
usefull for banking accounts.childrens for games,computer
made our world as small village.
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# 8
The importance of computer is that u can perform the
requirmrnt more easily accurately and it is fast
also.Computer allows 2 or more then 2 friends to talk
without seeing eachother and we can order things
online,find jobs online and the biggest importance of
computer is that these days we r so lazy that we dont
bother to get upand get a glass of water so we cant think
of going to the library and and researching.
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Lola Nickles
# 9
i think computer is really important in our lives because it helps us in so many ways.well,some people think that someday computers will replace us in our works, but what they don't know that computers cannot function without human intervance.well, we the people are the ones who created computers, so computers will not be in our time if we didn't create this machines.maybe this is just a machine but it really heps us in so many cannot replace us but computers can help us to reach our goals and dreams.!don't you think so!!!! 
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# 10
•Word Processing - Word Processing software automatically
corrects spelling and grammar mistakes. If the content of a
document repeats you don’t have to type it each time. You
can use the copy and paste features. You can printout
documents and make several copies. It is easier to read a
word-processed document than a handwritten one. You can add
images to your document.
•Internet - It is a network of almost all the computers in
the world. You can browse through much more information
than you could do in a library. That is because computers
can store enormous amounts of information. You also have
very fast and convenient access to information. Through E-
Mail you can communicate with a person sitting thousands of
miles away in seconds. There is chat software that enables
one to chat with another person on a real-time basis. Video
conferencing tools are becoming readily available to the
common man.
•Digital video or audio composition – Audio or video
composition and editing have been made much easier by
computers. It no longer costs thousands of dollars of
equipment to compose music or make a film. Graphics
engineers can use computers to generate short or full-
length films or even to create three-dimensional models.
Anybody owning a computer can now enter the field of media
production. Special effects in science fiction and action
movies are created using computers.
•Desktop publishing - With desktop publishing, you can
create page layouts for entire books on your personal
•Computers in Medicine - You can diagnose diseases. You can
learn the cures. Software is used in magnetic resonance
imaging to examine the internal organs of the human body.
Software is used for performing surgery. Computers are used
to store patient data.
•Mathematical Calculations - Thanks to computers, which
have computing speeds of over a million calculations per
second we can perform the biggest of mathematical
•Banking - All financial transactions are done by computer
software. They provide security, speed and convenience.
•Travelling - One can book air tickets or railway tickets
and make hotel reservations online.
•Telecommunications - Software is widely used here. Also
all mobile phones have software embedded in them.
•Defense Purpose - There is software embedded in almost
every weapon. Software is used for controlling the flight
and targeting in ballistic missiles. Software is used to
control access to atomic bombs.
•E-Learning – Instead of a book it is easier to learn from
an E-learning software.
•Gambling-You can gamble online instead of going to a
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Engr. Emma

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