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what is the Difference between conformational isomers and 
configurational isomers ?
 Question Submitted By :: Organic-Chemistry
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# 1
Conformational isomerism arises due to free rotation around
C-C single bond. Hence conformational isomers have same
molecular formulae and same physical/ chemical properties
but just spatial arrangement of groups differ. For eg.
staggered and eclipse form of ethane and boat and chair
form of cyclohexane. As the energy required for
interconversion is very small, conformers can't be
Configuration isomerism arises due to some rigidity in the
molecule. For eg. geometrical isomerism is due to
restricted rotation around C=C bond while optical isomerism
is due to assymetricity in the molecule. Both these fall
under configurational isomerism. Configuration isomerism
have same molecular and structural formulae but differ in
one or more properties. We can seperate different
configurational isomers.Eg. malaic acid and fumaric acid.
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Dr. Shashi Ranga
# 2
in conformational isomers molecule is simply rotate and can
be inter converted the difference is that the arrangement of
their atoms is different while in case of configuration
isomers rotation is restricted for example in case of
geometric isomers double bond is present and rotation is
restricted due to the presence of pi electron so geometric
isomers falls in the categories of configuration isomers
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Muhammad Usman Hameed

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