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SSC ? Grade ?D? Exam
 TEST ? 18
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# 1
SSC ? Grade ?D? Exam
TEST ? 18
Each year, middle class Indian children ??(1)??
hundreds of crores of rupees in pocket money and ??(2)?? a
heavy burden on parental ??(3)?? like adults, these kids
have ??(4)?? connected with budgeting and saving money.
Unfortunately, basic money ??(5)?? is ??(6)?? taught in
schools. At home, very few parents ??(7)?? money matters
with their children. Kids who ??(8)?? about money ??(9)??
have been found to be way ahead of their peers. Indeed,
learning to ??(10)?? with money properly fosters
discipline, good work habits and self respect.
1. (a) spend
(b) steal
(c) save
(d) give
(e) invest
Ans: ( a ) spend

2. (a) move
(b) take
(c) risk
(d) put
(e) lift
Ans: ( d ) put

3. (a) promises
(b) payments
(c) demands
(d) attitudes
(e) incomes
Ans: ( e ) incomes

4. (a) expenses
(b) experience
(c) problems
(d) guidance
(e) necessiteis
Ans: ( c ) problems

5. (a) availability
(b) inflation
(c) economics
(d) problem
(e) management
Ans: ( e ) management

6. (a) carefully
(b) rarely
(c) generally
(d) always
(e) thoroughly
Ans: ( b ) rarely

7. (a) discuss
(b) understand
(c) teach
(d) reveal
(e) advise
Ans: ( a ) discuss

8. (a) quarrel
(b) ask
(c) learn
(d) waste
(e) spend
Ans: ( c ) learn

9. (a) slowly
(b) early
(c) timely
(d) lately
(e) regularly
Ans: ( c ) timely

10. (a) decide
(b) earn
(c) control
(d) deal
(e) pay
Ans: ( d ) deal

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