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SSC ? Grade ?D? Exam
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SSC ? Grade ?D? Exam
TEST ? 9
Do women ??(1)?? leadership differently than men
do? And if so, will feminine leadership ??(2)?? where ??(3)
?? leadership does not? A recent study suggests somewhat
paradoxically that female managers ??(4)?? their male ??(5)
?? even when the personal characteristics of both are very
??(6)?? Of the two schools of thought, the structualist
theory argues that men and women do net receive the same
treatment in the workplace and that stamping out ??(7)??
bias would stamp out the observed ??(8)?? In contrast,
the socialization theory contends that men and women
experience work differently because men see work as more ??
(9)?? to their lives. These ??(10)?? explanations apart,
today business appears to be undergoing a feminisation of
1. (a) exercise
(b) undertake
(c) authorise
(d) empower
(e) tolerate
Ans: ( b ) undertake

2. (a) affect
(b) succeed
(c) compete
(d) progress
(e) dominate
Ans: ( b ) succeed

3. (a) traditional
(b) charismatic
(c) masculine
(d) benevolent
(e) authoritarian
Ans: ( c ) masculine

4. (a) out-live
(b) out-cast
(c) out-work
(d) out-stand
(e) out-do
Ans: ( e ) out-do

5. (a) employees
(b) subordinates
(c) managers
(d) counterparts
(e) superiors
Ans: ( d ) counterparts

6. (a) minimal
(b) distinct
(c) unique
(d) similar
(e) constant
Ans: ( d ) similar

7. (a) employment
(b) culture
(c) gender
(d) class
(e) category
Ans: ( c ) gender

8. (a) variations
(b) discriminations
(c) resemblances
(d) distortions
(e) equalities
Ans: ( b ) discriminations

9. (a) needy
(b) desperate
(c) preliminary
(d) trivial
(e) central
Ans: ( e ) central

10. (a) contradictory
(b) corresponding
(c) discriminating
(d) analogical
(e) identical
Ans: ( a ) contradictory
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