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What is the diff. Between Waterfall and Spiral model?
 Question Submitted By :: Manual-Testing
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# 1
The waterfall model the process goes to the next step after
completion of the previous step as first requirement then
design then coding then implementation then maintenance but
here is no end user feedback taken to consideration any
change in SRS will result to start work fro first step and
goes step by step again.
But in case of Spiral model for each and every step there
is testing for that step carry on simultaneously after
finishing that step so that it will easy to recover any
error and fix it there. In this model we don?t have to
start work from beginning
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# 2
In the water fall model the process flows from top to
bottom like a flow of water . But any new changes can not
be incorporated in the middle of the project development.

Whereas the spiral model is best suted for projects
associated with risks.
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# 3
water fall model is casecade in nature, because it goes
from one stage to the other and it cannot come back to the
prevoius stage. it follows the principal like
Requirement gathering
Analysis of the requirements
while in spiral model the concept of waterfall model is
combined with the iterations. it is also different in the
design from the waterfall model, after completing one stage
we can easily come back to the pravious stage.
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Ifrah Abid
# 4
In Waterfall model each step is distinct.After completion
of step one can move to next step and once you are through
from one step you cant move back.Hence waterfall model is
useful only those projects where requirements are well
understood and no chang in requirements is needed.

In spiral model we dont define every thing in detail at
very beginning.we start with basic functionality and work
them out.we take client's feedback.If developed
functionalities is as per clients requirement then we move
on to next step.Spiral model is useful when requirements
are changing.
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Varsha B
# 5
Waterfall model is a document driven process.

While spiral model does not requires the document.
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Rinku Kushwah
# 6
In waterfallmodel we will not come to know about the output
unless all the stages are over.
In spiral model,we will know the final output almost in the
begining it is a output driven method
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Manesh Mathen
# 7
Waterfall Model also called as linear Sequential Model or
classical life cycle model is purely a pre
planned /strategic in nature. The requirements gathering is
the important phase and once the requirements have been
identified and agreed, the subsequent activities like
analysis, design, and implementation exactly resembles to
the requirements specification.If any flaw is uncovered in
the specification it leads to a serious/major error/defect
in the building product. No subsequent changes can be done
once you have skipped to one phase another, similar to
waterfall from a hill to ground, flow of water cant be
reversed. It is the best model if requirements gathering
have done perfectly and clearly stated in the initial
phase. Coming to spiral model, unlike waterfall model is
iterative in nature. This model suits for certain
situations where you need to build a novel system or
product which you dont have adequate requrirements
gathering. Spiral model starts in developing a new/novel
concept and upon subsequent refinements, the concept can be
turned into a product or a system. At each iteration, the
daemon activities like analysis, design, coding, testing
etc will be commenced.The errors/defects uncovered can be
fixed on next version or iteration. Also the spiral model
stresses more on the risk analysis which is not much
considered in waterfall model. The major drawback of
waterfall model is Customer should have patience and both
customer and s/w engineer should have a perfect picture of
what they are going to do, in real time situations this
will happen rarely as most of customers and engineers are
not fully experts in particular domain, and ofcourse
changing requirements continously makes you select spiral
model rather than the waterfall model.
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Sambasivarao Baragada
# 8
When using the waterfall model, once each stage is
complete, you continue onto the next step, however you
cannot return to the previous stage.. The waterfall model
is only used when the requirements are well understodd and
there is no change in requirements.
In the case of using the spiral model, the completion
of one step can allow you to move to the next step or to go
back to the previous step.This means that the stages in the
spiral model can be repeated.
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# 9
"Waterfall model is a document driven process.
While spiral model does not requires the document."

Is this mentioned anywhere? Because at the end of the last
prototyping in spiral modeling, water fall model process (
like detail design, coding, testing, acceptance) is applied,
and hence it should also be considered as document driven
process. Please comment.

Yes I agree that spiral modeling will help client to
understand the approximate characteristics of end product
and on the basis of which he can rework on the requirements
and hence it is suitable for big projects with high risk
factor involved.
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# 10
whenevr you are using waterfall model you have to work step
by step if any process will not fulfill then you can't move
for a next phase.But in case of spiral model you can
seprate out all phases and work parallel
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Hiral Mehta

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