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what is difference Between Core Java and advance java
 Question Submitted By :: Core-Java
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
See the diffrence is that core java is the fundamental for
java that will be used in any java technology without this
no one can jump on any advance java technology.
Where as advance java is specialisation in some domain , as
someone in networking,web,DCOM,or data base handling.
And more over core java packages are always started with
java.lang..... where as advance java are always with
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# 2
Core Java Means the "Stand -alone" java applications.
Whereas Advanced java are java Application which run on
Servers(Web Application)
Is This Answer Correct ?    227 Yes 49 No
# 3
According my knowledge there is no core and advanced java
in java world... we have only j2se,j2ee and j2me.

The fundamentals concepts of java which deals basically
with oops concepts and their implementaion in language can
called core java and the remaing is called for
your view to answer the question.

The core and adv contents which are providing in present
institutes are just a business logic.

if you want to know what we are having in core concepts
please go with sylabus details of certification exam of

Is This Answer Correct ?    259 Yes 104 No
# 4
core java is appicable for the for the standalone
And advanced java is for web appications
Is This Answer Correct ?    127 Yes 32 No
# 5
The difference is that,core java is of basic part of java
in which,if we understand core java then only we can
preceed to advance java.
core java is fundamental language and adavance java is
another part of java in which the extention of core java is
Is This Answer Correct ?    104 Yes 35 No
# 6
core java supports oops concept and advanced java supports
java beans and servelets
Is This Answer Correct ?    87 Yes 26 No
# 7
According to my view the bussiness people i.e, institutions
make this Advanced Java. There is no such like
that....there are 3 java concepts,

J2SE, J2EE & J2ME only.... no advanced java
Is This Answer Correct ?    120 Yes 62 No
# 8
core java is a fundamantal of java application
then advanced java is the web Application.
Is This Answer Correct ?    79 Yes 21 No
# 9
core java is the fundamental part of the java technology
and one can to learn advanced java there is knowledge of
core java vey important.without any knowledge of core java
one cannot entry to the advanced java.core java is the base
part of the advanced java.In the core java one can create
a application,but to transminate the appllication in any
other enviornemt there is need of advanced java through
rmi,nerworking,applet and also servlet.
Is This Answer Correct ?    76 Yes 20 No
Jitendr Kumar Sahoo
# 10
Then why the Institution people play with the students, i
was really fucking confusion about this because when I asked
my friends every one says same thing I know core java and
advanced java that was really sucked my mind. finally guys
thats true there is no core and advance i know only
J2se,J2ee and J2me...
Is This Answer Correct ?    87 Yes 35 No

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