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Describe to me the difference between validation and 
 Question Submitted By :: Test-Cases
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
Validation is "Are we building the right product?" whereas
Verification is "Are we building the product right?"
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# 2
*it is the process of evaluating the software in order to
determine that the software in the given phase satisfy the
condition which was imposed at the beging of the phase.
* Non execution base.
*coulld be conducted either during any phase or end of the
* may be carried out through review(Walk through ,

* it is the process of evaluating the software to determine
the degree through which software meets the user
*Generally being conducted after varification.

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Sarfaraz Ahmad
# 3
Verification: It is a process confirming that software
meets its specification document. It basically invoves
walkthroughs, review and inspection.

QA team members they r defining the process
as per the specification.

Validation: It is a process confirming that software
meets its user requirements. It basically involves testing.

Validation technique done after verification

QC team like testers they r goig to
implementing the process defined by QA team.
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# 4
To understand this very easily i can explain u as follows:

Validation: Are we doing the right job?

Verification: Are we doing the job right?
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Y.ravikiran Varma
# 5
Verification is QA activity which ensures that the software
product is designed to deliver all the functionality
whatever mentioned in the requirement specification
document. Reviews, walkthroughs and inspections are its
techniques. It is a preventive phase.

Validation ensures that whatever mentioned in the
requirement specification document should be the intended
behavior of the software. Validation is actual testing. It
is a corrective phase and is QC activity.
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# 6
Verification: Are you building it right? Ensure that the
software system meets all the functionality.Verification
takes place first and includes the checking for
documentation, code etc.Have static activities as it
includes the reviews, walkthroughs, and inspections to
verify that software is correct or not.Done by developers.

Validation: Are you building the right thing?Ensure that
functionalities meet the intended behavior.Validation occurs
after verification and mainly involves the checking of the
overall product.Have dynamic activities as it includes
executing the software against the requirements.Done by Testers.
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Jyoti Patil
# 7
VERIFICATION means physical exitence of the software is
satisfy or not according to the requriments and customer
conditions .

e.g:walkthrough,insfections and requirments.

VALIDATION means checking the initial conditions according
to the exitence of the software.

e.g:checkpoints and output checkpoint
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# 8
Verification: typically involves reviews and meetings to evaluate documents, plans, code, requirements, and specifications. This can be done with checklists, issues lists, walkthroughs, and inspection meetings.

Validation: typically involves actual testing and takes place after verifications are completed. The term 'IV & V' refers to Independent Verification and Validation
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# 9
Sivakumar has the most acceptable answer. 
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# 10
VERIFICATION:It's the proces which is used to produce the
right product.
VALIDATION:You have to check whether the product properly
working or not.
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Prakash Babu S

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