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If the US visa officer says that " If I reject your visa"
what shall we say in reply to his above question.

Thanks   Manasi
 Question Submitted By :: USA-Visitor-Visa-B2-Visa
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
Ask politely the reason for rejection & then say thanks... 
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# 2
We need to ask him the specific reason for rejection of visa 
Is This Answer Correct ?    47 Yes 11 No
# 3
say politely,thank u u have any suggestion for me ,
when i come here second time. say bye ,(remember don't
forget to smile when answering the questing) may u get visa
next time due 2 your politeness.remember.
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# 4
YOU ASKED /////If the US visa officer says that " If I
reject your visa" what shall we say in reply to his above
question.//// which means that he is just testing your
confidence, he wants to give you the visa ... he is just
checking your reaction. You can reply to him in a peaceful
and calm manner "Sir/ Miss, the keyboard, mouse and pen is
in your hands. All depends on you! If you want I get it if
not I dont!!!" AND BOOOM !!! you will get through the
question with a smile on the interviewer's face!!!!
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Shaad Naqvi
# 5
I will try to improve my profile and will apply for next
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# 6
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Salaam Khan
# 7
say politely that,, "sir/madam according to my peormance i
dont think u will reject my visa,, but if u do so i will
ask for perfect reason,, and then i will reapply and take
care of the reason that time...."
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# 8
I hope you won’t disappoint me, officer 
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# 9
Respected sir,

I ll enhance my profile and apply for forthcoming term"


i ll try to improve my scores and apply for next term.

keep it smile over your phase....Don t exaggerate the answer.
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# 10
politely ask for the reason for rejection and then
say , if u do so i will reapply and take
care of the reason that time...."
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Nalini Kanagala

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