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Define Statistical Key Figure?
 Question Submitted By :: FI-CO
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
Statistical Key Figure: Statistical key figures are
represents activities or statistics in cost center or order
or profit center and they are measured in units of time or
quantity. Key figures are may be used in Distribution or
Statistical Key Figures: These are the statistical values

* Cost centers
* Orders
* Business processes
* Profit centers
* Activity Types
* Real Estate Objects

They can be used as the basis for internal allocations, such
as Distribution and Assessment.

There are two types of statistical key figures:
1) Fixed value: Fixed values are carried forward from the
current posting period to all subsequent posting periods.

For example: The statistical key figure Employees is defined
as a fixed value. In period 1 of the fiscal year, you post
10 Employees on cost center 4100. The system then
automatically posts 10 employees in periods 2 through 12.

In period 6, the number of employees is increased to 15.
This means that in period 6, you post 15 Employees on the
cost center. The system automatically posts 15 employees in
periods 6 through 12.

2) Total value: Totals values are posted in the current
posting period only.

For example: You define the statistical key figure Telephone
units as a totals value. In period 1 of the fiscal year, you
post 1000 Telephone units on cost center 4100. The system
posts 1000 telephone units in period 01 only.

Thank You.
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# 2
SKF are used as the basis i.e. tracking factor on which to
make allocations i.e. assessments and distributions and to
analyse the structural key figures.
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Dinesh Lakhotiya
# 3
statistical key figures relating to cost centers, profit
centers, and overhead cost orders. statistical key figures
may also be a value representing the services provided by
one particular cost center.
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# 4
Define statistical key figure in individual process T-code
in that u enter the unit/mes and cata
if u want path :- a/c->con->cca->md->skf->ip->kk01-create
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# 5
Statistical key figures represent activities or statistics
in a cost center, profit center, or order. They are
measured in units of time or quantity.
You create statistical key figures with maintenance
transactions and post both plan and actual values to cost
centers and orders. In CO, statistical key figures are used
in assessment and distribution as allocation bases. These
are used to calculate the debit on a receiver object.
Statistical key figures can be transferred from other
objects to Profit Center Accounting, where you can create
new statistical key figures.

Statistical key figures may be used for distribution,
assessment, or creation of other statistical key figures.

An example of a statistical key figure is the number of
employees in a cost center. Once you have created the
statistical key figure EMPLOY, you can enter the plan and
actual values on each cost center. These values can then be
used for assessing cafeteria costs on all the other cost
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Akesh Agrawal
# 6
The data in R/3 system is stored in data structure and from
data structure its used for profitablity analysis. Any
report is generated from datastructure for Co-PA.
(profitablity analysis).

data structure = characteristics(companycode, business area,
plant etc) + value fields (revenues, cost of goods sold etc).

valuefield is nothing but statistical key figure in business
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# 7
the term itself states stastical it means whatever the data
u want to execute on the basis of skf remains statistical
and are used for reporting purpose only .these skf's are
used as ca referance in key figure analysis which r useful
in internal allocations.,they can be planned ,they play
their role in cca,io,profit-center.
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# 8
Statistical key figures provide information on non-monetary
data for profit centers, such as the number of employees,
number of machines, capacity usage, market information, and
so on. You can group statistical key figures together into
statistical key figure groups
A statistical key figure consists of an assignment to a
controlling area, a unit of measure and a key figure
category. The unit is a unit of quantity or time in which
the entered values are posted. The key figure category
determines whether the values of the key figure should be
the same for all months (type 1, fixed values), or
whether they should only apply for one month (type 2,
totals values).
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# 9
You can enter statistical key figures as a tracing factor for periodic allocations.
A decisive factor for statistical key figures is the way in which you create them as master
Fixed values (category 01) are updated from the corresponding posting period
onwards, in all of the following posting periods of the fiscal year. This takes place
assuming that fixed values do not change over a longer period of time.
Totals values (category 02) are only entered for each current period. They
change from period to period, and therefore need to be re-entered in each posting
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# 10
SKF are tracing factor for periodic allocations.

Like Production Unit.
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