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What is the difference between software Product and Project
 Question Submitted By :: Manual-Testing
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# 1
Product is a company that releases Hardware, Middleware,
Operating system, Languages, Tools etc are becomes the
product. They develop the products for global clients i.e.
there are no specific clients for them. Here the
requirements are gathered from market and analyze that with
some experts and start to develop the product. After
developing the products they try to market it as a solution.
Here the end users are more than one. Product development is
never ending process and customization is possible.

Project is finding solution to a particular problem to a
particular client. It depends on the product. By using the
products like Hardware, Middleware, Operating system,
Languages and Tools only we will develop a project. Here the
requirements are gathered from the client and analyze with
that client and start to develop the project. Here the end
user is one.
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# 2
Product - Many companies can use it irrespective of domain -
eg. Microsoft Office.

Project - This is custom made for a specific company in a
specific domain, by taking the comapanies requirements.
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# 3
project: is developed for client of our company, (the end
users )

Product: is developed for the compny itseld for its own

Products: google products --> gmail, orkut
Projects: ICICI bank netbanking application done by 3i
infotech, or E Seva done by xyz company

ML babu
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Ml Babu
# 4
project means specific custumer requirements. For example we
take trinethra super market application. it is a application.
product means overall requirements in the market it is a
readymade tool.anybody can use this product but application
only use who give the requirements from client.
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# 5
Project or Application: One client point of view if we are
designing any software it is called project.
ex: subiksha

Product : Global client point of view if we are designing
any software it is called product.
ex: Ms-word.
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Ch.s.m.prasad ,kkd
# 6
project:if a s/w is developed for specific customer with
respect to their requirements then that s/w is called as
project:if the s/w is developed with respect to requirements
in the market called as"project"
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# 7
It should be Software Project and Software Product.

Software Project is done for a specific clients of your
company. For this some of the testing may be done at
client's side. For example, Acceptance Testing..

Software Product is not done for a single client and it is
released as a product of the company.

Software Product Development is being proactive and
Software Application Development is being reactive.
In both cases you will be addressing a specific need for
For an application there is already a client / need that
has been given to you and you react to it - under the
constraints and environment that is assigned. For product
development you understand that developing such a product
will meet a specific need - you typically don't restrict to
hardware/software constraints or environment. The need you
are addressing with a product predominantly is a latent
need and hence is less customized unlike an application
where Customization takes the driver's seat.
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Rajesh Kushwaha
# 8
Software Project
The below mentioned points will describe about the Software project:

1. The requirements are generally captured from the specific customer to build the project
2. Most of the cases the project requirements are freezed before the development
3. Hardware requirements clearly mentioned in most of the cases
4. Software source code is owned by the customer
5. Development costs are paid by the customer as service charge
6. Generally the duration of the project is well stated
7. Costs are fixed, on terms and conditions it may change
8. Development life cycle of the project is till the delivery
9. Conditional contract will be there for maintenance
Software Product

The below mentioned points will describe about the Software product now:

1. The software products are build based on a concept or idea, requirements are gathered from multiple customers
2. Software products will be used to address the common problems of a business segment or common problems of more than one customer
3. Products are generally owned by the company which is building it
4. The product can be sold to multiple customers
5. Based on the size of the customer (Small, medium, large and extra large etc) the hardware requirements will be varying
6. Based on the existing Software owned by the customer, your product may need to support his software’s (eg: Operating systems, Database servers, and web servers etc)
7. Development life cycle of the product is till the product become obsolete.
8. Annual maintenance contract will be there for new versions support
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# 9
The End result of the project is the product. 
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# 10
6. User Acceptance Testing:

After completion of system testing and bugs resolving, the
project management is concentrating on User Acceptance
Testing to collect feedback from Real Customers (or) Model
customers. There are two ways to conduct User Acceptance

Alpha Testing Beta Testing

By Real Customers By Model Customers
In our development site In Model customers site
For Software applications For Software products

After Completion of user acceptance testing and their
modifications, project management is concentrating on
software release and maintenance.
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