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explain System.out.println
 Question Submitted By :: Core-Java
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
'System' is a class in java.lang package
'out' is a static object of PrintStream class in
'prinln()' is method in the PrintStream class.....
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Arun Gopal
# 2
'system' is a public class which is final which can never
be extended..It itself extends object.
'out' is the static object of the class PrintStream.
'println()' is the method of printStream class..
since 'out' is a static object it can be called by using
the class name'system'
so 'Sstem.out.println()'
Is This Answer Correct ?    351 Yes 42 No
# 3
System: its the class
out: its the object of the class System
println():its the method which tells the compiler to print
a new line.
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# 4

> pre-defined class in java.lang package
out- it is a static variable inside System class of type PrintStream(class reference variable)
(ie) static PrintStream out;
and PrintStream is a predefined class in package.
since its static thats why we are calling
so System.out means we are getting the reference to the object of type PrintStream

println is the method in PrintStream class for Standard output stream.
so to access println method , i need PrintStream object which we are getting through System.out.
so finally
its System.out.println---- to produce standard output Stream
println-method name
Is This Answer Correct ?    59 Yes 10 No
# 5
System : It is a standard java class. It comes from the
java.lang package. it is bydefault package.
Out : The class system contains static field named "out".
so System.out referes to the value stored in that static
filed. the value System.out is an object of the class
printStream from the standard java package
Println() : it is the instance method come from the
PrintStream class.

so System.out.println() calls the "Println()" method
associated with the "printStream" object referred to by
static field "out"
Is This Answer Correct ?    53 Yes 11 No
Mallikarjuna G
# 6
System:-It is the final class and its constructor is we can not create new object of System.

out. it is the static member of the System class of type
println:-it is the overload function of PrintStream.
Is This Answer Correct ?    74 Yes 44 No
Chhote Lal Prasad Gupta
# 7
There is a class called System.

It has a static member attribute called "out", which is of
type PrintStream.

PrintStream provides a method called "println", which is
what you're calling.
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# 8
System is a class
out is static object
println() is a method
Is This Answer Correct ?    34 Yes 11 No
Narasimha Rao
# 9
'System' is a class in 'java.lang' package, which is a
final class(can not be inherited) and its constructor is
private(can not be inherited)
'out' is a static member variable of 'System' class which
is of type 'PrintStream'
'println()' is a method of 'PrintStream' class
So 'System.out.println()' means calling of method 'println
()'of the static 'PrintStream' type variable 'out'
of 'System' class.
And is used to print a String to the system console.
Is This Answer Correct ?    24 Yes 13 No
Dipanjan Paul
# 10
System: Class of java.lang package
out: predefine stream variable
println: method of PrintStream class (which is a type of
object reference by System.out)
Is This Answer Correct ?    15 Yes 9 No

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