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What is a Wrapper class?
 Question Submitted By :: Guest
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  Re: What is a Wrapper class?
# 1
When we need to store primitive datatypes as objects, we use
wrapper classes.MEans in utility classes all the utility
classes stores Objects.So when we need to store a primitive
datatype.We make an object of theat primitive data and store it.

Thats why we use Wrapper classes in Java.
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Debapriya Patra
  Re: What is a Wrapper class?
# 2
Wrapper classes are classes that allow primitive types to
be accessed as objects.
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  Re: What is a Wrapper class?
# 3
wrapper class allows us to make use of primitive datatypes
as objects
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  Re: What is a Wrapper class?
# 4
Wrapper classes are classes that allow primitive types to
be accessed as objects.
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  Re: What is a Wrapper class?
# 5
Say supposing there is a requirement to store only the
object in an array A.The Primitive types cannot be stored in
the same array as the array can accommodate only Objects
here is where Wrapper Class come into, we create
wrapper for the primitive types.One such example is as below

Ex:int i;
Wrapper class for the primitive type(int) is created as below:

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  Re: What is a Wrapper class?
# 6
wrapper classes is nothing but the primitive datatypes make
as a class name is called a wrapper class
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  Re: What is a Wrapper class?
# 7
we can't store the different types of objects(primitive
datatypes can not be stored) in the same array(same types
of objects can be stored). so, we can crate a primitive
data type for int i;
as INTEGER i = new INTEGEr();
This is the procedure actually going on.
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Srinivas D
  Re: What is a Wrapper class?
# 8

int i=100 // declaration of primitive type.

/* wrapping the primitive data type to corresponding wrapper
class object */

Integer i1=new Integer(i);
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Kanaparthi Srinivas
  Re: What is a Wrapper class?
# 9
A primitive wrapper class in the Java programming language
is one of eight classes provided in the java.lang package to
provide object methods for the eight primitive types. All of
the primitive wrapper classes in Java are immutable. J2SE
5.0 introduced autoboxing of primitive types into their
wrapper object, and automatic unboxing of the wrapper
objects into their primitive value—the implicit conversion
between the wrapper objects and primitive values.

Wrapper classes are used to represent primitive values when
an Object is required. The wrapper classes are used
extensively with Collection classes in the java.util package
and with the classes in the java.lang.reflect reflection

The primitive wrapper classes and their corresponding
primitive types are:

Primitive type Wrapper class Constructor Arguments
byte Byte byte or String
short Short short or String
int Integer int or String
long Long long or String
float Float float, double or String
double Double double or String
char Character char
boolean Boolean boolean or String

The Byte, Short, Integer, Long, Float, and Double wrapper
classes are all subclasses of the Number class.
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  Re: What is a Wrapper class?
# 10
Nothing is impossible 
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