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Whats meant by trivector meter where it is connected at the 
 Question Submitted By :: Electrical-Engineering
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
trivector meter can measure active power ,reactive
power ,apparent power i.e.with the help of a single meter
we can measure kva,kw,kvar.
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# 2
Trivector meter is Electronic type Energy Meter which
measures energy parameters, like active energy, Reactive
energy,apparent energy, Power Factor, frequency etc.
Through which we can know how much enregy recieved or
sent.Trivector meter has 2 types, one is 3ph 3wire meter n
other is 3 ph 4wire meter.
It is conneceted in the substation to incoming or outgoing
feeders to know how energy is given out or recieved from
other end, or to Transformers on HV n LV side to know the
Transformer loss.
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# 3
Tri-energies are Apparent, Active and Reactive. These are
expressed in three vectors. A single meter that measures
these three energy details are called a Tri-vector meter.
This is clear from the name of the instrument itself.
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Venkat Iyer
# 4
trivector means 3 types of power i.e.
1.VA= V*I
2.Watt = V*I*cos Wt
3.VAR = V*I*sin wt
v= applied voltage.
i= resultant current.
wt=phase ange between them.
a singe divice can measure all 3 power at a time.
normally at substations this term is used for feeder
input/outgoing power.trivector meter is also of 2 types:
HT meter connected at high Tension side of transformer.
LT meter connected at Low Tension side of a trnsformer.
Because in high tension line voltage is of 11 KV and above
range and this type of meters have not made which connected
directly in high tension line so it's connected with PT
(potentail transformer)which step down the voltage and
meter recieved this voltage.In meter software PT ratio is
already known by the manufacturer.
For exampe if a high tension line voltage is 11 kv line to
line and PT ratio is 100 then meter actually reads
11000/100= 110 volt line to line and in software
calculation it reads the actual reading by PT ratio.
So VA power is calculated by meter is
VA= 110*current*PT ratio
some time a CT(current transformer) is also used for
current measuring and CT ratio is known.then calculation is
VA= voltage*PTR*current*CTR.
Normally PT is used for HT Line and CT is used for LT line.
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Mohit Bharti
# 5
There are 3 types of electrical ernergies. These energy
parameters are vectors. They follow the Phythagourous
theorem. 1. VI, 2. VICos(phi), 3. VISin(phi). The sequence
is Apparent, Active and Reactive. Any meter, which
measuring all these three vectors is called Trivector. It
may be single or Three Phase, not an issue.
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Pradyumna Kumar Jena
# 6
Most of the Tri-Vector Meter Are basically Measure Following
Bi-Directional Parameters :
1. Phase Wise Voltage
2. Phase Wise Current with Neutral
3. Phase Wise Power Factor with Total
4. Phase Wise kW with Total
5. Phase Wise kVA with Total
6. Phase Wise kVAR with Total
7. Frequency (Avg. Frequency)
8. ToD Demand / Energy
9. Import kWH / kVAH / kVARH - Lag / kVARH - Lead
10. Export kWH / kVAH / kVARH - Lag / kVARH - Lead
11. THD

This Meters can be used LT / HT / ABT based on the Capacity
of Feeder on which this Meters are to be installed. CT / PT
Ratio can be configured for such Meters.
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Chandrakant Sahu
# 7
As the name suggests it is an electronic meter which is
used to measure the KWH,KVAH & KVARH.
it was originaly designed to measure the apparent power,
reactive power & active power. But now a days modern
trivector meter can also measure the power factor,
frequency & other electrical parameters in addition to
these three.

may be instaaled at HV or LV side, input/output side of
power transformer so that the consumption of energy can be
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# 8
yes, indeed trivector means the which measures energy in
three vector i.e active energy(kwh), reactive energy(kvarh)
and apparent energy(kvah) using single meter and it is
connected to incoming and outgoing feeders in the
substaion. Trivector meter may in four quadrant or may not
be four quadrant, if it is four quadrants then it is called
as Trivector meter with import-export facility or if it is
in any two qudrants i.e either import only two qudrants or
export only quadrants then it is called as TVM with import
only facility or TVM with export only facility. normally
former one will be manufactured than later.
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Shanker Malagamma
# 9
i am not giving answer here.But i want to ask Mr.Shanker
Malagamma that can u explain me what is the meaning of this
import export facility..??????plz explain if any one others
also know about that?????thanking you
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Jaimin Modi
# 10
I too here not giving answer, but i want know more about that two quadrant and four quadrant form Mr.Shankar Malagamma.Sir can you explain that in detail. 
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