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Importance of Organic Chemistry to Mankind ?
 Question Submitted By :: General-Chemistry
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# 1
Food:-Starch, fats, vitamins proteins are all organic compounds

Fuels:-Wood, coal, petrol, alcohol etc.

Textile Industry:-Cotton, wool, silk, linen, nylon, rayon etc..

Poisons:-Opium, mustard gas etc..

Perfumes:-Vanillin camphor etc.

Explosives:-Nitroglycerine, picric acid, T.N.T etc

Dyes:-Indigo, Malachite green etc

Drugs and disinfectants:-Penicillin, Quinine, Aspirins
indoforms, Chloroform, Sulpha drugs, Carbolic acid etc

Other articles of use:-Paper, soap, cosmetics, plastics
photographic developers, flavoring essence dyes etc..
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# 2
organic chemistry is a vital factor for the development of
our society since most of it clearly focuses on the living
organism and their composition. One of the importance
organic chemistry is that it can lead to the development and
discovery of drugs that are badly needed by our society
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# 3
almost every thing in this world evolve from organic
chemistry.The food we eat , the clothes we wear , the water
we drink and ect.. if there is no organic chemistry there
is no life.
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Sthandiwe Zondo
# 4
has ever any one even bothered how life is with out organic chemistry so it is one main thinng for us 
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# 5
organic chemistry is a very important branch of chemistry
since it offers knowledge that can be used in different
aspects like treatment,clothes manufacturing,fertilizers
manufacturing,and materials like ink etc
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# 6
things of daily uses e.g in medical & industrial use. 
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# 7
if u cant answer this simple auestion then wats the
important of being science sutdent??
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