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Explain about RESPIRATION ?
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  Re: Explain about RESPIRATION ?
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The process of oxidation and decomposition of organic
compounds particularly glucose, the simple carbohydrate, in
the living cells with the release of energy is known as

During this process, the potential energy stored
in organic compounds in the living cells is released as
active or kinetic. This process is catalysed by certain
enzymes and released energy is used by the protoplasm for
its activities such as manufacture of foods movements,
growth, reproduction, etc.

The process of respiration involves
(1)Consumption of atmospheric oxygen.
(2)Oxidation and decomposition of part of stored food.
(3)Liberation of carbon dioxide and also small quantity of
(4)Release of energy by breakdown of organic food.
Chemical reactions involved in the process of respiration are

C6H12O6 + 6O2 -> 6CO2 + 6H2O + energy
(Sugar +Oxygen -> Carbon dioxide + Water +energy)

It means 6 molecules of carbon dioxide and water are formed
by oxidation of only one molecule of sugar along with six
molecules of oxygen.

Growing regions of plants respire more actively than the
adult regions. Growing regions are stem and root tips,
germinating seeds, vegetative buds etc..
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