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Why do the animals depend upon the green plants for their food ?
 Question Submitted By :: Zoology
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# 1
Because the green plants have chlorophyll which makes the
plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and water
from the earth. This water and carbon dioxide combine to
from compounds like sugar. Animals cannot produce sugar as
they ate having no chlorophyll. So they have to depend upon
the green plants for sugar and hence for food.
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# 2
Animals depend on plants for food as they cannot make their
own food.
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# 3
Because it cannot make thir own food. Trees give shelter to
animals and food producing plants give them food. Some how
the animals get thier energy from plants.

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# 4
animals depend on plants for food because they cannot produce thier own food.plants are autotrophic and animals are heterotrophic. 
Is This Answer Correct ?    27 Yes 18 No
Selina Das
# 5
animals cannot make own food, plants make food with the
help of cholorophyl,so animals depends on plantfor their
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# 6
the answer above is correct .... 
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# 7
Animals depend upon green plants for their food because plants produce oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, and food source. Every animal eat other animals, this animals depend on plants because the other animal or prey eats green plants. Without green plants animals can have source of energy because the prey that they eat eats green plants. Without the energy of the prey that the other animals eat the other animal can have energy that comes from the prey. 
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Jesza Mae
# 8
Animals can't make their own food so the reason why they
eat plants and other animals is because they can't make
their own food.
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Question 10
# 9
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Ashish Tyagi
# 10
animal depend upon the green plant because
1.animal cannot make there food herself eat for energy
Is This Answer Correct ?    8 Yes 17 No
Aashish Gautam

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