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what is the difference between electrical & electronics
 Question Submitted By :: Electrical-Engineering
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
electrical system always deals with low frequecny high
power supply

electronic system always deals with high frequecny low
power supply
Is This Answer Correct ?    1076 Yes 251 No
# 2
The study of conductors is Electrical
The study of semicoductors is Electonics
Is This Answer Correct ?    764 Yes 235 No
K.senthil Kumar
# 3

the current flows through the conductor that is known as
the electrical.

The current flow through the vaccum tube or semiconductor
that is known as electronics. now a days we r not use the
vaccum tube.
Is This Answer Correct ?    503 Yes 196 No
Senthil Kumar.a
# 4
eletrical is transfor a.c current-electronics is control
circuit in d.c voltage

eletrical use fundamental all purpose--eletronics use based
on eletrical
Is This Answer Correct ?    725 Yes 432 No
# 5
electronics deals with volatge from 5 to 12 V and current
in mili amperes where as electrical deals with in large
voltages and current.
Is This Answer Correct ?    241 Yes 129 No
Subodh Kumar
# 6
electrical deals with high voltage & high current.
but electronics deals with low voltage & low current.
electronics used for controlling purpose of electrical quantity
Is This Answer Correct ?    141 Yes 58 No
Ritesh Gupta
# 7
electrical means of high voltages
electronics means of low voltages
Is This Answer Correct ?    328 Yes 251 No
Ravi Kumar
# 8
Electrical is a science of engineering deals with
Generation,Transmision&Distribution of electrical enery.And
also dals with how to convert electrical energy into useful
work means electricalmachines like motor,lightings.

Electronics deals with flow of electric charges in
semiconductors and effects in it.
Is This Answer Correct ?    89 Yes 25 No
# 9
'Electical'- utilises electricity to transmit energy.
'Electronics'-utilises electicity to transmit information.
Is This Answer Correct ?    119 Yes 64 No
# 10
1.electrical basically deals with power and energy
transmission while electronics pertains to study and
development of devices which are based on flow of electrons
through devices
2. electrical pertains to transfer of energy through
electricity while electronics transfers information through
3.electrical works on low frequency high power while
electronics on high frequency low power.....
Is This Answer Correct ?    81 Yes 35 No

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