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Difference between application and session ?
 Question Submitted By :: ASP.NET
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
session object is used to store information between http
request for a particular user. Application are globally
across users.
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# 2
application :Global User
Session :Single User
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# 3
Both Application and session state are used to store the
data when the postback occurs in the web form.

Session State Session State information is available to
all pages opened by a user during a single visit.

Application State - Application State information is
available to all pages, regardless of which user requests a
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# 4
application state is a state where we hav the information
that is global for the application,
where as
session state is a state which is maintained as a
per-client basis.
whenever a user first accesses a page a session id is
generated by
that session id is then transmitted between the client and
the server via Http either with the help of client-side
cookies or encoded in a mangled sessions of the urls.
so the next time the users accesses,state associated with
that session id can be viewed or modified.
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Ajay Gupta
# 5
Session & Appl r parts of State Management ...

if v session one object in one form v can use it in all
forms untill the project stop's.....

In Appl state if v store value it may use throughout
applacation even stop and restart it so it is very useful
for permanent data...

EX:In Some website they ll display the visitors no by
incrementing Application State data by One each time a
application Restarts.......
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# 6
the session object is used to maintain the session of each
user. If one user enter in to the application then they get
seesion id if he leaves from the application then the
session id is deleted.If they again enter in to the
application they get different session id.

sessions allows information to be stored in one page and
accessed in another,and it supports any type of
object,including your own custom data types.

Application state allows you to store global objects that
can be accessed by any client.

The coomon thing b/w session and application is both
support the same type of objects,retain information on the
server, and uses the same dictionary -based syntax.
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Maneesh Upadhyay
# 7
Application state is a global storage Mechanism that is accessible from all pages in the web application.

Session State is similar to application state, except that it is scoped to the current browser session. If different users are using your application each user session will have a different session state.

In addition, if a user leaves your application and then returns later, the second user session will have a different session state from the first.
Both application and session state is useful for storing information that needs to be maintained between server roundtrips and between requests for pages.
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Ezhil Dinesh
# 8
Application object is used to provide state for the Required Data.

Session object is used to provide state for the Userdata. .we can create session when user login..
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# 9
Dear All,

Application Scope : is Mintained state for application like
if we have to retrive how many user connect application, how
many are alredy used..etc.

Session : is a globle scope like for one HTTP request we
have pass information form one JSP to another JSP.

if my view is wrong..please correct me .

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# 10
Application state is available to entire application,where as state is available in particular session

application state is also called" multi user global data".
session state is called "single user global data"
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