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why is the atomic radius of Mg2+ bigger than that of Na+?
 Question Submitted By :: Inorganic-Chemistry
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# 1
Its not. Both Na+ and Mg2+ have the same number of electrons
in a configuration emulating Neon, the difference is Mg has
more protons in the nucleus attracting the electrons inward
thereby making Mg have a SMALLER atomic radius.
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# 2
atomic radius of Mg2+ is not bigger.
the one with larger positive nuclear charge will have
smaller radius.
so its radius is small.
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# 3
as in answer # 4 was explained... the question is wrong.

They both have 10 electrons with the configuration of Neon:

2s2 2p6 and empty 3 s

but Na+ has only 1 proton whereas Mg+2 has two--

therefore Mg+2 has a smaller atomic radius then Na+

This can be verified in any decent highschool chemistry book--

By the way, I'm a real chemist! Whoever marked any answer in
this page (except for # 4) as correct is INCREDIBLY WRONG
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# 4
in periods atomic radius decreases with in creasing atomic
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# 5
as the mass no of Mg2+ is more than Na+ 
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