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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Cascading 
Style Sheets?
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# 1
Advantages and Disadvantages
Greater Control. Style sheets allow far greater control
over the appearance of a document. Many different elements
can be defined and customised, including margins, indents,
font size, line and letter spacing. In addition, elements
can be positioned absolutely on the page.

Separation of Style and Content. By ensuring that the style
and content of a document are kept separate, data is kept
more coherent. In this way, as technologies such as XML and
databases increase, there will be more scope for
integration of existing HTML documents.

Accessibility. Similarly, with the separation of style and
content, documents are made more accessible to those with
disabilities. When style sheets are used, software such as
screen-readers are less likely to be confused by spurious
code. For further information on accessibility issues,
please refer to the W3C's page on the Accessibility
Features of CSS.

Smaller Documents. Because all tags or properties need only
be defined once within a document, or even within a
separate document, filesize can be reduced considerably.

Easier Site Maintenance. As it is possible to link many
pages to one individual style sheet, any sitewide changes
can be made by simply changing the one file that the pages
link to, instead of all the individual files.

Browser Support. This is the one major drawback to style
sheets. They are only supported at all by IE 3 and above
and Netscape 4 and above, but even then, the way in which
the two browsers interpret them can vary considerably.
However, older browsers will still display your website,
simply ignoring the elements they do not understand.
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Rakesh Kumar Nautiyal

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