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Definition of COND parameter in JCL
 Question Submitted By :: JCL
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# 1
COND is a condition parameter, consists of 2 sub parameters,
1st - return code from the previous step, 2nd - condition.
If COND is true, the step on which COND is coded will be
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# 2
If the condition satisfies it won't execute the current will bypass the current step..
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# 3
COND parameter specifies the return code test which the
system uses to determine whether a JOB wil continue
processing or not.If the test is not specified then the
system executes the job step else system bypasses all the
remaining steps.
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# 4

we can code cond parameter on both job and exec
stmts.very step has to be executed a return code upon
completion.that is known as condition code.condition is
used to control the execution of the subsequent
steps.always the condition parameter based on the previous
step.suppose the given cond is true,the step is not
executed,otherwise it will bypassed to its next step.
so,step will not executed.
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# 5
To be more specific, COND parameter is used to determine
whether to execute a particular steps or steps based on the
return from a previous step (s). e.g. you may want to send
an email notification to someone ONLY if a particular Job
step abends or return a return code greater than acceptable
norm. In such situation the EMAIL STEP (ideally should be
the next step of the step whose notification is needed if
abend occurs) can be coded with COND=ONLY. Similarly
COND=EVEN will execute a step EVEN if the previous step
abended. We can specify two parameters for COND in oder for
the Job to decide whether to execute the step or not. e.g.
COND=(0,LE) - This will execute the step only if the return
code of the previous step is Zero.
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