I know my query will return more than one row but I don't want cursor what should I do?

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Can anyone tell me how to handle the array beyond the limit. If we have an array or a table which can handle 5000 records but now we have to compensate 20000 records with the same array? how to handle the situation.

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If we use GO BACK instead of STOP RUN in cobol?

1 Answers   Temenos,

What guidelines should be followed to write a structured Cobol program?

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Under which scenario you would go for a static call as opposed to dynamic call?

5 Answers   TCS,

How To Separate The Numerics From An Alphanumric Data Item Which Contains Both Alphabates And Numerics ?

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what is filler and what is use of filler

3 Answers   Syntel,


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Explain call by context by comparing it to other calls.

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If my file contains 100,000 records and job abended at 55,000th records processing then how can i restart job from that record onward by ignoring that record. I can not edit the file as file size is big and it is getting browse substituted?

5 Answers   TCS,

What will happen if a variable is declared as below.. Explain with an example? Working storage section:- 01 WS-VARX PIC X(10) VALUE 'ABCDEFGHIJ'. 01 WS-VARN REDEFINES WS-VARX PIC 9(5) VALUE '12345'. What will happen I want Display WS-VARX and WS-VARN?

3 Answers   Xansa,

Can the OCCURS clause be at the 01 level?

8 Answers   Oracle,